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The internet has become endemic in our lives today, regarded as one of the most important tools, all across the globe. With products and services available over the internet, people have got ample choices to make; from safety pins to cars and nails to large factories on sale everything is there on the internet. It is perhaps due to this ever growing popularity, that a large number of firms, enter the arena of internet marketing through their websites.

Getting a website is essential for business. And more essential is determining, the right website solution. How about website solution Industry leaders, offering the best technology and unsurpassed technical support? Give your website the power of reliable providing high speed servers, 99.99% uptime, valuable account options, plentiful disk storage, huge traffic allowance and . We are providers emphasizing on next generation web hosting environments.

We offer: –





– Ideal for business websites and ecommerce, exceptional service and 24/7 support, PHP 5, Perl 5, Mysql, phpMyAdmin, Multi Domain Hosting, cPanel most powerful and popular .

– Register your domains with confidence and profit maximization at unbeatable price tags. Our pricing structure is straight forward, with no hidden charges, and the price includes all NIC fees. Each domain name can be managed using our web based control panel; you can amend contact and name server settings as well as transfer your domain name to another registrar at the click of a mouse.

Web SiteDesign – We offer for static, dynamic and interactive websites, as per the client’s requirements.

The benefit of a reseller hosting service, rather than, say, running your own server and starting a web hosting services from scratch, is that you get the support and resources of an established firm. You get to sell and possibly manage a small portion of an already successful enterprise rather than having to scrimp and save, sweat and toil to insert a new player onto an already inundated field of competitors. We offer 3 to choose from,

Master Reseller – 1
All features unlimited
1 GB (1,000 MB) Disk Space
35 GB (35,000 MB) Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub Domain
Unlimited PoP3/SMTP/IMAP Email
Unlimited Mysql Database

Master Reseller – 2
All features unlimited
5 GB (5,000 MB) Disk Space
70 GB (70,000 MB) Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub Domain
Unlimited PoP3/SMTP/IMAP Email
Unlimited Mysql Database

Master Reseller – 3
All features unlimited
10 GB (10,000 MB) Disk Space
150 GB (150,000 MB) Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub Domain
Unlimited PoP3/SMTP/IMAP Email
Unlimited Mysql Database

Our services are ideal for growing online business, with 99.99% uptime, plenty of disk space and bandwidth, multi-language user friendly control panel, Linux, windows and ColdFusion shared and dedicated hosting packages, and a 30 days unconditional money back guarantee.

We have one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry and are known for being one of the most customer-oriented companies in the market. Could you ask for more!!!

If you are interested to know more about Web Hosting Reseller, please search our site for more in-depth information and resources.

Yamin Mowla is content writer for the; Visit the site ( for more information about Professional Web Hosting & Reseller Hosting Packages.

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Web Hosting Reselling: Will it Work for You?

These days, you have to be pretty much resourceful to keep your business afloat. More so if you’re involved in the IT industry. Here in Australia, there’s a lot to benefit from the use of the internet. Normal brick and mortar stores are not being replaced by online stores that sell a variety of merchandise. The method of selling may be different, but the items offered are all the same. One of the most profitable ventures that you can engage in is becoming a web hosting reseller. It’s pretty much simple to engage in, and it helps companies improve their profits. It also helps a wide range of customers with website needs.


This system works by letting a firm, for example, a web design outfit, rent some bandwidth space from a hosting service provider. Now, it’s possible that the space is a little too much for their needs. Since the usual arrangement of a data centre is to provide you with a specific size of bandwidth space, there’s so much left that is not used by your system. You can’t have it reduced. In cases like these, it’s only sensible that you rent that extra space out to willing web site administrators Once you do that, there, you’ve become a web hosting reseller. You solve that extra space of yours, and they get some space for their site.


Being an AU web hosting resellers has its benefits. Not only will you be able to maximize your bandwidth space, you would be able to help other websites gain some presence in the internet. It’s pretty much easy method to increase your profitability. In addition to that, there is a very small likelihood that the hosting service provider would object to that. In fact, it is something that they would promote on their own. Since there would be more people who would be able to set-up their own websites using a single server, there would be more available hard drives that can be rented out to other firms. This would mean more available customers for these providers.


Getting involved in the reseller hosting service is something that you could give a try. It’s not that difficult to work in. In fact, it’s the norm for many companies with excess server space to rent out the excess to other firms. Part of the appeal of this set-up is the relatively lower charges that these customers will have to pay to a web hosting reseller compared to spending a lot on the main supplier of server space. Because of this, more and more people are opting for a reseller hosting service to suit their website needs. This trend is also noticeable in Australia, which had given rise to the AU web hosting reseller services.


Now who can engage in this activity? Practically anyone with enough extra server space. As long as there is a very little chance that the extra space would be used by the reseller in case of usage spikes, then it’s all right to do so. Noticeably, this service is usually made available to customers of web design firms, a web developer, or a systems integrator. Usually, this is just an add-on service. Of course, there are those who actually offer such service directly to their clients. In this case, they would rent a certain amount of server bandwidth from a major hosting service provider, and then resell it, piecemeal, to smaller website firms. It works, and thanks to that, many firms are able to host their very own websites.


This is something you should seriously consider. If you do have that extra bandwidth, why not use it to earn more? Be a web hosting reseller and you’ll see profits coming in.

Walter Scott is a professional webhosting solutions consultant. To learn more on webhosting providers in Australia, visit <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/4018938’]);” href=””></a>

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Reseller Hosting and Its benefits, Explained

Hosting companies offer their users to sell hosting to others. In simple terms does reseller hosting you resell to other accommodation if you own a hosting company. Since you do not own the company, you need not worry because all of the bandwidth, hardware and IT issues are handled by the web hosting company.
Why is this an advantage for you? It may be beneficial in many ways, and there are many webmasters who will buy from you. For example, if you have a web design company, and also offer hosting services to your customers as a package, it would not make life easier for your customers to take all of a person? You only pay for a hosting reseller and make more by selling it. Alternatively, you can offer free hosting for customers who purchase a website for you that will make your offer more attractive. Think out-of-the-box and there is no shortage of ideas.
With reseller hosting, you do not need web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, or even a good Internet connection. Most reseller hosting plans come with all necessary tools for a webmaster to be a successful reseller organization. Some even offer templates where you can get a website on your own with “your name” so others do not know that you really are a dealer. This is called “private labeling” where you get to advertise your best web hosting services.
Easy to use control panel make reseller hosting a good option. You will be able to create web hosting accounts for your customers and keep them without difficulty. Even if you’re just a dealership, many times, it becomes your responsibility to provide at least minimal support to your customers, but most technical issues are handled by the web hosting provider.
The different types of reseller hosting is provided dedicated, shared and co-location. But since it’s not compatible with every hosting provider, you will have to confirm them before you register. Suppliers also offer additional services such as registration and domain transfer, e-commerce add-ons, databases and other POP3 accounts with fees additional.

is the alternate source to get hosting solutions for cheap prices, which saves you lot on money.

I am Article writer, My hobby is to write articles on web hosting, internet, and technology. I am free time I write articles on best web hosting

Today I will show you the best Web Hosting Reseller Service for those of you that would like to get into reselling Web Hosting and make a ton of money. This reseller program is through JustHost. They have top-of-the-line hardware and blazing fast speeds. Their reseller hosting plans start at just 19.95 /mo!!! This is defiantly worth checking out! Please use my link below to sign up… It Helps my videos a lot… Use this link and click on the “Resellers Link” on their website to get started.

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Question by mae_an: What is the difference between web hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting?

Best answer:

Answer by Sahil
web hosting means simple hosting your website.

reseller hosting means reselling your web space to other end users at your own cost plus you can earn money from it and you can sell it under your own company name.

dedicated hosting means buying a huge space on single server and using it for a single site.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Reseller Hosting Rajkot Gujarat India

You may be a web designer, professional web developer or an entrepreneur who wants to start your very own small web hosting company. Start offering your own hosting services, under your own brand, and host multiple domains with SkyZoan. You’ll get the peace of mind that comes from choosing an experienced, web hosting company that operates a secure, robust and redundant web hosting environment, with the finest technical support and guaranteed network performance.

Each SkyZoan Hosting Reseller account is managed with the user-friendly  control panel. WHM allows you to create individual hosting accounts for your customers. Each hosting account you create are in turn managed with the award-winning .

WHM is used for important tasks like:

Creating hosting packages
Managing your customers’ accounts
Setting up hosting support

Reseller web hosting is a breeze at SkyZoan Give this feature-full control panel a test run with the WHM demo.

Launching a hosting company from scratch is expensive when you consider the cost of servers, bandwidth, software etc. SkyZoan’s  solutions are an affordable alternative! Purchase one of our resource abundant hosting accounts at an affordable price and let worry about the expenses like servers and bandwidth.

A major concern for web hosting companies is equipment failure. SkyZoan Reseller Hosting accounts are worry-free because it is OUR job to maintain and monitor server equipment. And we do a superb job of it evident by our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. We recommend that you pass this guarantee along to your customers as well as our exclusive Server Data Backup solution to ease data loss concerns.

Our Hosting reseller customers can use any money set aside for costs like purchasing servers and bandwidth, and instead use it for promoting your web hosting company. Our Reseller WHM Hosting accounts are 100% re-brandable. This will allow you to setup custom branding within your customers’ cPanel control panel specific to your hosting company. SkyZoan Hosting also offers free custom nameservers which further allow you to take our web hosting services and to make it your own.

SkyZoan is a Linux Server Web Hosting company in Rajkot Gujarat India. We offer Linux web hosting,Reseller web hosting,VPS Hosting india at affordable prices. 

We provide our Services to Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Baroda, Ankleshwar, Surat, Gujarat, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, newzealand, Canada, United States of America, Germany, London and Dubai

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How to Become a Domain & Web Hosting Reseller?

Due to large number of demand of personal web pages, domains and more SEO companies the business of domain reselling came into existence. To ensure the best quality service to their clients the web design companies decided to provide some extra services instead of just web developing and designing. So they approached ICANN to for a partnership. Now these companies can provide solutions for hosting their client’s website and this helped a lot to their clients. After Domain reselling became very good popular and good source of income.

Domain reselling is defined as when a person purchases a group of domains and then resells them to the customers. They provide you with the simple interface to register and transfer the number of domains. In addition to that they can also provide you the hosting packages via that simple user interface which is very easy to handle.

First of all you need to know what ICANN is. It stands for International Corporation for Assigned names and Numbers. It’s a non-profit organization responsible for managing the assignment of domain names and IP addresses. Its functional area includes space allocation, protocol identifier assignment, top-level domain name system management, and root server system management.

Now ICANN is a worldwide corporation for accredited domain name registrars. First of all you have to collaborate with ICANN to get the authentication for selling of domains to the clients. Now you can begin to sell the domains to the clients if you have registered yourself at ICANN.

The business of domain and web hosting reseller is much competitive and profitable as resellers buy domains in bulk from the registrars. Now they can send the domains to the client at very cheap web hosting prices. Reseller program is concerned for profits due to bulk transactions.

Reseller plans are more flexible in nature as compared to registrars. We can say resellers as cheap resellers because they have plenty of domains with them.

Now what if you want to be a cheap reseller or you want to provide Reseller hosting/web hosting services then you can do it by purchasing a reseller account from the master reseller. The business is very easy and profitable. It’s just like the Retailing of the products. Retailers buy stock from the distributors and sell them at competitive and profitable prices.

You can start this business from now as they have No setup fee, no monthly fee and they have minimum commitments too. All you have to do is purchase the domains in bulk at very nominal cost of USD 100. They ensures money back guarantee without any questions. Moreover all the deposits are fully refundable and can be utilized completely.

This is the best available service for entering into this business. This plan yields more profits because this is very cheap domain reseller. So what are you waiting for? Go and start reselling the domains and earn the profits as much as u wants.

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Question by jenkumar: Does Any One Knows Whether Web Hosting Company has a Web hosting Reseller program?
When I read in Business Outlook that web hosting company has a hosting reseller program and that any one can join it. But on visiting their site I could not find any web hosting reseller program link. Can you find for me?

Best answer:

Answer by You did what? RTFM!
Email them and ask

[email protected]

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Compare – Shared Vs Reseller Hosting

So, you want to set up a website. Your first and foremost decision is to chose between buying a web server and all the supporting materials along with a network technician to run it for you, or to find a company whose business is to run websites and pay them a monthly fee to host your website on their equipment. This question, at least is a no-brainer: unless you are a big company going online for the first time (almost unheard of these kinds of days), you can not afford the capital investment to set up your own web server infrastructure. So you chose to rent server space of a web hosting company. Simple, right?

Not really. Once you begin shopping around for web hosting services, they have several different opportunities to choose from. One of the mostly big decisions to make is if you want shared or reseller web hosting. But how exactly is the difference?

In a nutshell, the change is scale. In shared hosting, you rent server space for a single website with a single domain name. You would pay a separate monthly fee for every additional website you set up. With reseller hosting, you rent a large amount of server space, divide it up among as a multitude of websites as you need, and then have the opportunity to resell the left during server space to other people to set up websites-essentially making you a hosting subcontractor. So which option should you choose? There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and we’ll examine each below.

The primary advantages of shared web hosting is overly it is simple, cheap, and efficient on a small scale. For a customized or small economy website, right now is all you would need. You get one website and one domain name, often with the opportunity to set up sub-domains for the different parts of your website. First, you are not clearly renting space on their web server equipment, you were renting their support. It is the responsibility of your hosting provider to carry on your website slowly out there and running smoothly, and provide you with any technical substantiation you is able to need-making this one less issue, you own to worry about when running your own business. Second, shared web hosting is five to twenty times cheaper than reseller hosting, with prices ranging as low as $ 5 per month, or even free.

There are drawbacks to free hosting sites, however. The number one one is reliability. As you are not a paying customer, if the site goes down, all you can do is wait. You have no contract guaranteeing you a set response minute for internet outages. Free hosting is great for a tailored website, but if you’re running a small business at which your website needs to be available 24/7/365 and you need quick, reliable support for any and technical problems, next you will unquestionably want to go with a dished out host. The costs fluctuate depending on how big your web site is, and how much web money you anticipate. The web hosting organization Hostgator, for example, offers 3 shared hosting packages varying between $ 4.95 and $ 12.95 a month. Finally, if you want to set up an extra website, you have to buy another shared web hosting plan, and your monthly expenses suffer just now doubled.

The main advantages of reseller hosting is flexibility and economies of scale. If you are running a fast-growing company, or are an entrepreneur running a good amount of businesses, then the cost of multiple shared accounts every month can quickly add up. With reseller web hosting, you can set up as many websites as you need, and reallocate resources among them as they gain over time. Of course, you can rent out or resell and left within the duration of space to a larger amount of homeowners or small businesses to run their websites. If you juggle the finances well, reseller can be much low&wshyp;priced on a significant scale than shared web hosting.

There are, however, two main drawbacks to reseller hosting. The first is expense. While Hostgator provides shared web hosting for prices between $ 5 and $ 13 a month, the reseller offerings differ between $ 25 and $ 100 a month, depending on size and traffic. Sure, some of the present expense may be offset by reselling your unused web space to others, but that is never a sure thing. What if you suffer trouble coming across customers? There is a good chance that in any looking at month, you will have a few hosting space you are not using, but still sending in for.

The minute problem is that, as a hosting subcontractor, you are now responsible for maintaining support to all the people you resold web hosting space to-except that you actually undergo very little power within the duration of such technical problems. Although you often own some limited administrative functionality, all you can do for extensive technical problems fancy an internet outage is pass the information on to your web hosting provider. Once your customers realize you are essentially just a near-powerless middleman, they may lose perception in you and switch to a different web hosting provider. It doesn’t take much to ruin your brand name, and once that happens, your monthly reseller web hosting worth will growth and you lose customers to offset people monthly costs.

Still trying to find out where to go for web hosting? Check out Budget Web Hosting for our top hosting recommendations.

Owner and editor of
Web hosting rating system that allows internet users and site owners to share their opinion on web hosting services, and rate the services according their quality.

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Question by S.m.s sahriar rahman Supto: I need suggestion to buy a reseller web hosting?
I am going to start a web hosting business. So that i decided to buy a reseller web hosting. In webhostingtalk forum i found and . Now i am confused. From where i should buy the reseller hosting? One more thing. I wanna start business from a low cost. please give me your suggestion

Best answer:

Answer by Michel james Jazz
You should go with . Because i have used hostgator. As they are big company they never give value to there client. there support team is just like a bulshit. beside them little company giver full priority to their client. so You must go with dreamyhost.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

How to Choose Web Hosting Reseller Software

In web hosting reseller business, the most important decision is choice of web hosting control panel software. Good web hosting software not only saves time or money but also it saves one from lot of frustration. There are several questions which are quite important while considering about the type of reseller web host. They are -What reseller control panel features should one chooses that reduces one’s workload? What are the hosting software programs that are integrated with the reseller control panel or work with it? What are the website control panel features that one’s client will like? Given below the comparison of 4 types of quality web hosting reseller software programs is given- Alabanza




All of the above are the 4 types of reseller control panels that come with control panels for one’s clients. They all are well equipped with several numerous features like advanced email management, web statistics, pre-installed scripts, multi-language support etc. All the above mainly work on Linux platforms, while H-Sphere and Plesk also work with Windows. As per cPanel website, a Windows version of cPanel is in development phase.

Other features that set these control panels apart are their degree of automation, the number of features and ease of use for the end user.


When user becomes an Alabanza reseller, he/she not only gets the facility of a reseller account but he/she even can lease a dedicated server from Alabanza. Alabanza owns the control panel and the server, and one can easily resell directly for Alabanza. If one leases a dedicated Alabanza server, he/she can create his/her own reseller accounts. However, only the user can set up hosting plans; resellers below him/her will be confined only to hosting plans that user creates.

Alabanza offers resellers a very high degree of mechanization with its Domain System Manager (DSM), which can radically reduce overhead and time spent on routine tasks like Account creation, Billing and invoice management, Credit card processing, Domain registration, Email notifications and ordering fraud protection etc.

Even the beginners can sell hosting with this level of mechanization.

For domain name registration, DSM also integrates with However it does not integrate easily with other domain registrars.

A very important main feature that resellers use to offer to their client is the Xpress Product Suite, which serves as an important tool for web development and also works well as an email management tools. The Xpress Product Suite includes SiteXpress, which is a website-building program featuring more than 300 templates and even does not require web design skills.

Control panel for resellers and end users- cPanel is well known for its easiness of use and range of features. It consists of collection of more than 50 pre-installed scripts and Fantastico auto installer that assists clients to set up their sites even if they do not possess good web development knowledge.

A basic cPanel reseller account comes with two separate programs for resellers to manage their business:

Web Host Manager (WHM) is used to create accounts and packages, add and suspend sites, modify passwords, view bandwidth usage, park domains, install SSL certificates, and perform other administrative functions.

Now, from the reseller’s cPanel control panel, a drop-down menu takes the reseller to the control panels for each of the sites on the reseller account, including the reseller’s site.

WHM Autopilot is an additional optional program, by which one can automate account creation and suspension, email notifications, and other tasks. WHM Autopilot also integrates with common payment gateways and has a helpdesk, an invoice module, and other tools.

H-Sphere:-It is designed for both Linux and Windows platforms. Not only those resellers can even set t up plans for both Linux and Windows and administer sites on different servers from the same control panel. The control panel, which is actually a separate server, also provides administrative access to the integrated helpdesk.

The H-Sphere control panel provides utility in several forms like it enables server automates account configuration, credit card processing, domain registration, and email notifications etc. It also includes a built-in billing module and supports over 20 payment gateways.

From the reseller’s point of view, H-Sphere is equipped with a higher learning curve in comparison to other control panels because of its plentiful features example , when user is setting up a new plan, the administrator has two pages of features to select from, including setup and monthly pricing for optional services.

For beginners H-Sphere may look very much complicated for their needs. However for skilled users H-Sphere is like a complimentary feature. Main feature of H-Sphere is the ability to have control over separate domains with multi-domain hosting.

H-Sphere usually comes along with the website builder Site Studio, which guides users through a variety of style choices and stores content separately from the layout. Best part is for this no HTML or FTP knowledge is required.


Demand of Plesk is increasing day by day among users and resellers not only because of its quality of providing stability and security but also due to its simple navigation, clean interface, and its professional appearance. Moreover Plesk is available in versions for both Linux and Windows platforms.

With Plesk, all users like Server administrator , Client / reseller , Domain owner , Mail user etc use the same control panel but with different levels of control.

Each level of the control panel enables user control over both that level and the level(s) below it. It provides facility to Email users, to log into their mail user control panel so as to enable them to change their password, add auto responders, and change other personal settings without having access to the domain owner control panel etc.

Plesk handles Spam Assassin not at the domain level but at the mailbox level.

With this facility users are able to categorize email into white list or blacklist for each email address, which allows each email user to have individual settings.

One should have some automation available with his/her account, such as credit card charges, email notification etc. If one’s Plesk reseller account is with a web host who offers HSP completely

Stop searching for the best webhosting company? Find sales, deals and discounts from top web hosts as goDaddy quick shopping cart and goDaddy merchant accounts

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Question by ddnc_dave: What’s the best way to promote my web hosting reseller business?
Seems like a scam already I know, but seriously, it’s a good program with great prices. Nearly half the spam I get is about hosting programs, so that seems like a waste of time. Should I run more traditional ads in the paper? I personally hate radio ads so that’s out, and my budget is on the small side, so what’s left?

It seems everywhere you look these days there are people plugging some cheap or discount hosting that they run from their basement. This is a really good program backed by a large vendor. How do you get that across though?

Any help is appreciated.

Reseller Web Site

Hosting Web Site

Best answer:

Answer by kieran_deep11
First thing you have to do is create a professional looking website(presently you are using a website provided by godaddy)
After creating proffesional looking website
These are the steps you have to do
1)directory submissions
2)article submissions
3)Post on webmaster related forums and blogs(dont spam)

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What To Consider While Going For Reselling Hosting Plans

Nowadays, many people are taken by the concept of Reseller Hosting. In case of such hosting idea, a company gives web hosting services to other companies for relatively low price, acting as a web host for the other company. A reseller basically acts as a middleman in the entire reselling procedure. Affordable web hosting resellers usually offer website design services on top of website management service. This way, they become both the server for the site as well as the host of the site.

A reseller usually gets affordable hosting service from reputed and accountable web hosting companies first and then stab to resell it at a profit to their customers. However today, a myriad of reselling hosting services are sprouting with numerous plans broadly classified under the categories of discounted, cheap, and also, free. Hence, if you are also thinking about taking the benefit of this concept, ensure to analyze well the available reseller hosting plans and gauge them properly to fit your needs. Big company or small one, free plan or costly one, what matters the most is suitability of the plan.

Price range

The entire price range is broad enough to accommodate needs of both individual and small business. Individual, who have certain or limited requirement can easily do with cheap affordable and reliable web hosting and reseller plans. However, small businesses with little more requirements can go for relatively higher priced plan. The point that must be focused is that every plan should be researched and gauged properly to see if they make a good fit. It often happens that some less expensive plans have numerous restrictions or no bandwidth. Hence, everything depends largely on the amount of ecommerce that you will be doing with the site.

Windows and Linux

There is no need to ponder much even if in case, you are wondering for a lot of bandwidth and space with reseller web hosting plans. Both Linux and Windows web hosting reseller plans are available in several options. As a matter of fact, in terms of a reseller hosting plan, these two providers can easily lodge huge space and bandwidth capabilities. Both windows and linux, have dedicated servers and their customer support is usually quite satisfying.


Once you understand the needs of your plan, you can start with the process of shopping for your suitable web reseller hosting plan on the Internet. Numerous hosting plan reseller web sites are available on the web, where you can easily note their offered services. Many of such will also guide you about their additional capabilities in reseller hosting plans. You may also take advice from other people, who are already using such plans. Forums can be an appropriate place to find such suggestions and recommendations as clients often share their experiences with different plans. A reseller hosting plan is not difficult to find but what is a little harder is finding the best one for you. Researching different plans can be fruitful to have a plan this both affordable and reliable.

Lastly, also make sure that the sites you are visiting for picking up your best reseller hosting plan are reliable and certified. One such trustworthy name in this sphere is You may also use the same source for collecting more information about the features, services and capabilities of reseller hosting plan.

BrainPulse Web hosting India is a Professional Web Host with Affordable Web hosting Plans for Linux and Windows hosting environment.

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Question by Shubham: What is a reseller web Hosting plan?
What is a reseller web Hosting plan?

Best answer:

Answer by Angie
It means you can sell webhosting plans or
maybe you just want to put up many websites of your

You can get free hosting here…

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Best Web Hosting Reseller Program

The best web hosting reseller program is a program that offers unbending quality in customer support and server solutions. Many people in this industry has entered a reseller hosting account questions and receive benefits in providing excellent service to their customers. A lot of companies offer better accommodation provider of the program to your website and to function effectively and effortlessly. These companies provide virtual and physical servers for people with shared or reseller accounts. Therefore, you can get much choice when you need a place to park your website.

Another thing that makes the best web hosting reseller program more advantageous than other types of web hosting is that it gives you more time to other responsibilities corporate marketing. The reason is that service is no other responsibilities and burdens that come with web hosting, such as server administration, maintenance of the data center. In addition, best web hosting reseller program makes no further payments in the resale, because it is shared. Therefore, to obtain the best web hosting reseller program is recommended if you are a beginner your small business website hosting.

Nowadays, almost all experts in internet marketing today suggest the construction of e-commerce capability to your existing sales and marketing, so that you can compete in business. But this does not mean it should not be expensive. Today, there are several web hosting companies that can offer qualified cheap best web hosting reseller program.

A web hosting affordable hosting reseller program allows account at a shared hosting plan. Hosting service provider, and then allocates disk space and bandwidth reselling web hosting. Also to reduce costs, best cheap hosting reseller program, help you organize many websites that you need at the same time. Reseller hosting is the most popular options when it comes to choosing a hosting plan. This program offers a variety of techniques to get your website manually in good hands. However, for best web hosting reseller program Should keep in mind that – like all other hosting, reseller hosting plan chosen must offer features that have Enough Certain service, such as 24 / 7, guaranteed availability and fast backward.

If you have trouble on the matter Web Hosting please visit my site : Exchange Server Hosting. ?

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Host Unlimited Domains With Cheap Reseller Hosting

The plans are designed for those who are resellers or for those enterprises who needs high performance for their websites. The reseller web hosting package is the most preferred option for resellers and offers you the maximum flexibility to monitor your clients alloted resources and to host multiple domains under one single account. You can all do this using the control panels provided with the respective hosting packages you choose.

The web reseller hosting packages are designed in such a way that it gives you the freedom to upgrade your plan whenever you require. All the profit of your reseller hosting business is all yours. The most important characteristics of a reseller web hosting provider is that they always remain in the background providing your end customers valuable 24 x 7 x 365 support while remaining invisible. The customers will feel that they are working only with you and nobody else is involved in this business.

Using the unique reseller panels you are able to create your own web hosting packages for your clients and decide the cost the way you like. Most of the resources are unlimited excluding diskspace and bandwidth.  You can host your multiple domains under one reseller hosting account. The Quad Core Xeon Processor with 4 GB RAM adds you a great power to enhance your website performance. In case of disasters, the hosting provider always has a mirror copy of your website data. There are two types of Reseller Packages:

Windows Reseller Hosting
Linux Reseller Hosting

The windows reseller provides you a Plesk Reseller Panel to manage all your hosting packages and 24x7x365 customer support to many server side scripts, databases and streaming support.

Whereas, with the Linux Reseller Hosting package a WHM Reseller Panel is offered to mange your hosting packages. It offers support for MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, many server side scripts and streaming support.

The Cheap reseller hosting is an ideal solution for both businesses and individuals, who wants to . Reseller hosting offers you 100% uptime for it’s network services and always ready to provide you constant and uninterrupted customer support round the clock.

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