Cell Phone Lookup – How to Reverse Search a Mobile Phone Number

So a number you do not recognize keeps calling you and now you want to find out whom the number belongs to. You tried calling the number back, but no one is answering. If this is the case you will need the help of a reverse phone number lookup service to trace the caller’s cell phone number.

So how to proceed? There are cellular network providers out there that offer free reverse cell phone number searches. If you subscribe to their service you will get access to their database and do a reverse cell phone number lookup
The local providers offer their users access to a powerful data compilation which contains almost all numbers within the US.. You will find information on landlines, cell phone numbers, public phones, and even unlisted numbers.

Different phone companies have made an agreement to makereverse phone number lookups data available to subscribers. If you want to have access to one of these mobile networks you will need a paypal account.
By using a paypal account to pay your subscription fee, mobile companies assure that the data provided is not used for illegal purposes.

An alternative: Yahoo, Google, Public White Pages:
Prominent websites such as Google and Yahoo, and public white pages also offer free cell phone number lookup. Since most telecommunication companies charge their subscribers in providing a reverse phone number lookup, you can alternatively look for their numbers in publicly available phone books or white pages.

The advantage of using a regular search engine is, that it is 100% free to use. However, if the number you are trying to find or in question is a mobile number, its highly probable that your search will be in vain as such information are not made available publicly.

The last and most recommended option sis using a paid reverse phone number lookup service. Subscription to one of these services is in general a lot cheaper than mobile networks. These companies have access to huge databases and will give you detailed results in minutes. The cost is around $15 per search or $30 for unlimited searches. If no records are found, your money will be refunded right away. The good thing about the paid reverse phone number lookup services is that you will not only get the phone number owner’s name, but also hit current and previous addresses and in some case even a criminal history check is included in your report

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