Creating A Website

Last month my baseball coach asked the team if any of us new how to make websites. He wanted to build a site to show off the teams statistics. Our coach Larry thought that our site should have full animation so that it could impress site visitors. Even though I can easily create websites, I didn’t want to tell him since I knew it would lead to me doing free labor. My buddy ended up telling the coach that I know how to make websites before I got the chance to tell him to keep quite. This of course led to me having to make the team’s web site.

I knew cheap coach Larry wouldn’t want to pay for a web site or seo services, so I decided to start looking for free sites that I could use. I’d use local Minneapolis seo services to keep seo costs down. Using Blogger I created a site for the team. After showing the site to coach Larry I was kind of embarrassed. Although the coach said he thought it was good, I knew he was lying. I immediately told him that this was just an outline and that the real site would be coming soon.

I went back to the drawing board to think about what kind of platform I could use to make a great site. After searching around the Internet I decided that the best way for me to make a great web site would be for me to use flash. Using this platform I could put in some fully animated graphics. In addition to this I could place in some video highlights of the team. I figured the guys would really love to see some highlight clips of the team on the Internet.

After searching through the web I found an organization that hosted free flash sites. It only took me a few minutes to sign up and take a look at all of the functions of the site. This site was just what I needed. Although I ended up devoting an additional two weeks to the site I am very happy with the new look. After seeing the look the coach gave my new site, I knew it was good. Using Surge Seo we got the site ranked in the search engines.

The rest of the team loved the site as well and Jack’s dad even asked me to make a site for him. Even though he has offered me money I’ll probably do it for free.