Fantastic Free Tools For SEO

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There are a number of free tools available which you can use if you are thinking of using SEO to help boost your website’s performance. Here are some of the best SEO tools available on the web.

Google Keywords

This fantastic resource allows you to look for ideas for keywords and test the appropriateness of any keywords you may be considering. Because this service is free it is definitely something that you should use as it really does help for those who want to get their website ranking higher in Google. The really great thing about Google Keywords is that it is just so easy to use The only thing you have to do is enter your chosen keyword or key phrase and then the system will return a list of related keywords along with a number of recent searches that have been made for the particular keyword or phrase. This tool takes a lot of the guess work out of SEO and can’t be recommended highly enough.

Goggle Trends

Yet another fantastic free tool which Google provides is Google Trends. If you are having difficulty thinking of what to do next for a website then this tool will give you an idea of what things people are searching for. If you want to find out what kinds of things are going to generate a lot of clicks for your website then this is the perfect tool. And you can always find out what kind of things are going on with the web because it is constantly updated.

Twitter Trending

This is another great way to find out when people are currently talking about. Anyone with a Twitter account should be able to see the ‘trending’ link on the side. Press this and you will be provided with some useful ideas and keywords. Some people think that Twitter Trends is preferable to Google Trends but that is really just a matter of choice.

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