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Love to read and write about web hosting reviews to you find the what services provider that meet your needs. IXwebhosting  is one of these remarkable web hosting providers that is with you from the start by their support helping you to start from scratch or even migrate your site from your previous provider with no cost ….



 IX web hosting Started to give 8 dedicated IP`s with his shared plans

GreatResponder.com post that  IX web hosting; Dedicated IP`s are important for SEO, but most web hosting companies give more than one IP only for dedicated servers customer. IX web hosting breaks the rule and they are giving 8 dedicated IP`s with their shared web hosting. The business plan offer to host 8 different domains and with 8 dedicated IP`s, every domain will have its different IP. The plan also come with 500 GB of web storage and 3500 GB of data transfer with 2 free domain names that IX web hosting will pay for them as long as the customer stays with them. IX web hosting with its seven years of experience in the web hosting business and with owning their data center are very confident to gives three kinds of guarantee  on their plans. read more …

Support & UP Time
IX web hosting offers 24 hour assistance either via live chat or phone call. The company also provides technical support via email so that customers can file a detailed description of their problem without any rush. The response time against any complaint is very impressive and the company offers free credit for any downtime that might occur due to any uncontrollable factor. There is a guarantee of 99.9% uptime which can be easily observed during the initial trial period also. If customers have any problem, the company’s technical officers are always available to provide complete technical assistance. read more …

 ix Webhosting Offers Cloud Hosting 
Have you outgrown your shared web hosting plan? Have an online business and your current web hosting plan just not cutting it? Then IX Webhosting may have just what you are looking for, IX Webhosting is now offering Cloud Hosting. With Cloud hosting you will have more flexibility, control of a dedicated server, better uptime, more …

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