My Brother’s Site

Using a free flash web site last week, my older brother Billy was able to make an amazing website. This website is great because he used all of the main elements of flash and was able to really show off. He’ll be helping me do a class project on flash next month so I figured I’d write about it here just in case anybody wants to know about it.

Bill took an animation of me and made an amazingly beautiful flash based site introduction. You can only imagine how cool it seemed to me when I saw the animated version of myself being used as an introduction to my brother’s site. He had me running around shouting about how much I love his website and how everyone should stay and check out all of his pages.

For those of you who are wondering, his web site was all about hockey. He loves hockey and even created a flash hockey game for his visitors to play. I invested much of today to playing my brother’s game. I even told my classmates to play his hockey game and many of them said that they ended up playing the game for hours as well.

My brother also went ahead and created a flash advertisement linking his flash site to his older sites. He tells me that the click through rate he has gotten on his flash ads has been twice as high as the standard ads he has on his other websites.

My class project will need to be started next week. Bill said that he would help me get started on the project and that he would show me exactly where he went to get his free flash website. I’ll head on over to wix to get my free flash website. He has the link saved in his book marks, but you can access it through this article if you want to check it out now.

I’m so glad that Bill is not like my friends brothers. I didn’t even have to write this article to bribe him into helping me out. I know Bill will help me whether or not a thank him in any case.

Feel free to book mark this page so that you can come back to it and find the wix link whenever you like.