My Flash Site Project

My friend Phil and I had a project for our computer class that involved creating a small web site to demonstrate that we could do it. It was a team effort and Phil and I worked together to complete the project.

We first chose a niche to make our website more focused. Our teacher did not care what the theme of the site was, but insisted that it did have one main theme rather than a collection of thoughts.

We decided to make our theme on pit bulls because both of us have large pit bulls at home. My dog’s name is Thor and his dog’s name is Rascal, named after the band Rascal Flats. This theme seemed perfect because we could easily get pictures of the dogs and knew enough about them to write some content about the dogs.

First we, created some content and took a few additional pictures of our dogs to prepare us for our site creation phase of the project. My mom let us use her brand new digital camera for the task. The pictures we took turned out great and the content we wrote was good enough to post up, so we got started on our next task.

Our next task was to find a free web host provider since we didn’t want to spend any money on a silly little school project. After searching the Internet for hours we still had not found anything free besides blog sites. Eventually I came upon a link that read click here for a free website and we decided to see what it was all about.

This site turned out to be a great place for creating free flash sites so we decided to sign up and use them. The site even let us create an amazing game based off of pit bulls and even a cool introduction. We fully animated the dogs and made them interactive with the site’s visitors.

In the end we had a lot of fun and got the top grade in our class as well as a positive meeting with the school principle. Our principle ended up enlisting us for the creation of a school web site and we got extra credit for it. We are now building another website for the school and I think it may even turn out better than the first web site we made on pit bulls.