Web Hosting Scams And How To Spot Them

You will see many results from a web hosting search that you do on the internet with a variety of different deals from which you can choose. You will also come across many misleading claims. Many of these claims are actually scams designed to rip off those who are not knowledgeable in this area. Continue reading “Web Hosting Scams And How To Spot Them”

What Kind Of Problems Could You Experience With Shared Web Hosting

Before your website can be placed on the World Wide Web for all to see you are going to need a web hosting service. The only way that others can access your website is if this is done. So which web hosting service is the best one for you to choose? Continue reading “What Kind Of Problems Could You Experience With Shared Web Hosting”

The Workings Of A Web Hosts Server Explained?

Most people do not actually think about web hosting and how it works. Once they are using something that actually works they do not feel they need to pay it any more attention. They often feel that all they need to know is that the web host gets their website up on the web and that it is visible to others. Continue reading “The Workings Of A Web Hosts Server Explained?”

What Should You Find Out About Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is very popular these days because it can be a nice way to make a bit of money. These days there are a lot of website owners who are signed up to a web hosting account which in actual fact is a reseller. Quite a high number of these site owners don’t even realise that they are dealing with a reseller. Continue reading “What Should You Find Out About Reseller Web Hosting”

The Relationship Between Web Hosting And HTML

When it comes to creating websites, the code which is used quite often is called HTML. When the webpage gets uploaded to the server it is in HTML format but it is not important for you to understand this code these days if you want to create a website. But knowing a little bit about HTML can be very useful even though you do not have to know about it in order to manage a successful website. Continue reading “The Relationship Between Web Hosting And HTML”

Things You Should Try To Avoid When The Time Comes To Choose A Web Hosting Provider

One of the common requirements for every single internet business is a web hosting provider. That is why making sure that the web hosting provider you choose is a good one, is very important especially if you want to start making money. Any new internet marketers will more than likely make some of the more common mistakes when it comes to choosing a web host for their business. Continue reading “Things You Should Try To Avoid When The Time Comes To Choose A Web Hosting Provider”

How Did Web Hosting Come About

1991 was the year that web hosting services as we know them today first appeared. The reason for its arrival was the growth of the internet. The nineties was the decade where the internet really took off as previous to this it had really only been used to connect businesses or universities. Continue reading “How Did Web Hosting Come About”

What You Should Know Before You Change Your Web Host

If you have outgrown your current web hosting provider and have decided to move to greener pastures there are things you need to consider before making the move. It is not recommended that you keep changing web hosting providers so you will want to make a careful choice when you pick a new one.

Your first consideration will be to clearly understand why you feel the need to change and to ensure that any new server can meet these needs. Continue reading “What You Should Know Before You Change Your Web Host”

Is any money made by free web hosting providers?

Free Web Hosting sounds great; after all most people will jump at the chance of getting something for nothing. You may be wondering though, how does free web hosting make money for those providing it. Are they charities? Continue reading “Is any money made by free web hosting providers?”

Web Hosting Companies : The Basics Explained

Costs have fallen for web hosting companies over the past decade, and the prices webmasters pay them for hosting their websites have been reduced accordingly. You can now host your website on the Internet for just a few dollars a month, which is a great deal.However, you should not base your decision on which web hosting service to sign-up for on price alone. You must ensure that your web hosting provider offers 99.9% uptime and security. Continue reading “Web Hosting Companies : The Basics Explained”