Picking a webhost

Pick a new web host can be hard for both the beginner and expert, so care should be taken not to rush otherwise you might regret the choice. There is a number of steps to be thought about, and then written down.

What is your webhost for?

First off we are asking why you want a web host, starting a new company or advertising an existing one, taking up blogging or another personal use, or just want your own email. The above reasons will all need to be taken into account on going about choosing the web host. Which platform, either Windows or Linux you wish to be hosted on. So you know what the primary function is you have a basis for requirements. E-commerce will need to support things like PHP and MySQL. If you are collecting the card details and storing them within your site then you will need a dedicated SSL certificate. this is to ensure the card details are secure. With blogs you would need mySQL and PHP, but would not need lots of bandwidth or disk space, if its just for personal stuff, then its down to you to know what your doing. When its just going to be email, then your going to look at the number of email accounts you can have rather than just the bandwidth and disk space. Companies such as KDA Web Services

PHP and mySQL are what?

I hear you asking what am I talking about when refferring to PHP and MySQL? Well these are all different web technologies that are all used without your knowledge in day to day use. PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor and is used for scripting to create dynamic web pages. MySQL a common relational database engine, and is used to store and access data stored dynamically. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer is a cryptographic protocol that provides a secure communication over networks. SSL has been replaced by Transport Layer Security or TLS but does the exact same job that SSL did. Most people still use the term SSL as that is what people still know it as.

Bandwidth and data allowance

We now know and understand the technical terms and usage. We move onto some more and quite important nitty gritty stuff. Your data allowance or bandwidth also needs considering. Shown typically in gigabytes, it can be hard to work out how much bandwidth you need. When you find a potential host ask them about it and say what your using the server for and how much bandwidth you need. If you do run out, you normally will be charged for some more, or you site will just be suspended until the end of the month.

How to get your new web host

Now you know what your server is for, what the spec is and the bandwidth to go with it, next we will need to find a hosting provider. The best thing I have been told was to get a computer magazine, take out all the nice big glossy web host ads, see what you have been left with, big companies might have low prices but can lack in the customer service department. Personally I would go around the internet and post on some web hositng forums and request recommendations for a package for your hosting. You should find you get feedback and reviews from users about the companies and so should be able to make a well informed decision.