Play Better Golf With An Digital Golf Guide

Millions of people play golf each year. Being in the fresh air for hours is also a health benefit.

Although many players enjoy the social side and friendly banter of the occasional round with friends, those looking to improve their play and enter competitions it is frustrating when you can’t make the desired progress you want.

Beginner golf tips are very handy. These can teach you the essentials such as “how do I play better golf?” If you want to know how to lower your handicap, you may find a golf guide useful.

If you are looking to how to fix a slice, the Instant Golf Slice Cure “The Dave Way” is a good guide. In order to improve their long game, some golfers have used Bobby Eldridges’ The PurePoint Golf Swing and David Nevogts’ The Simple Golf Swing.

Some golfers struggle with aspects of golf such as how to chip a golf ball, how to play a bunker shot and how to put backspin on a golf ball. If you are looking to improve your golf short game How To Break 80 In Golf by Jack Moorehouse is one of the best all round guides to help you iron out major weaknesses within your game preventing you from shooting scores to be proud of.

Putting is a part of the game some beginners find the most frustrating and even pros can hit dodgy patches of form with their putter which can lead to them missing out of thousands of dollars of prize money. If you are keen to progress this aspect of your game, Scott Myers has written a guide titled The Breakthrough Putting Secrets revealed.

Golf conditioning is not talked about much but can also help keep you in good condition and increase your concentration levels during those long rounds . Hundreds tips and instructions on how to improve your swing in golf are included in a book written by Terence Thomas titled Hardstyle Golf Conditioning.

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