This Video Of A Guy Executing Fish With A Pistol Is Actually Good Because Lionfish Suck

I think every non-sociopath’s first instinct when seeing the title card of the video above—which lives up to its billing, as this is indeed a four-minute clip of a man equipped with a waterproof Glock who uses it to “fish” for lionfish—is one of dread. Oh no, you worry, accurately. Am I really about to watch someone brain scores of defenseless little fish with a goddamn handgun???

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This $55,000 98-inch 8K TV is actually ‘cheap’


BERLIN — 8K TVs are coming sooner than we thought…even if there’s no 8K content to watch on them.

Samsung and LG both announced 98-inch 8K TVs at CES and now Changhong, a Chinese consumer electronics company, has one too. And it’s still expensive.

It’s one expensive screen, but compared to the $ 133,000 85-inch Sharp 8K TV released last year in Japan, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. 

Image: michael rathmayr/mashable

For the money, you’ll get an OLED screen for really deep black levels, increased brightness and higher contrast and a 7,680 x 4,320 resolution that has four times as many pixels as a 4K UHD TV. The 8K TV runs on Android, supports High Dynamic Range+ (HDR) — because every new TV has HDR and  it’s the future of TV and content apparently — and Dolby Digital Plus . Read more…

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Chip-Enabled Cards Are Actually Increasing Fraud for Some Stores

Before you light your wallet on fire, let’s clarify something: the rollout of chip-enabled cards is going to help fraud in the long run. But for merchants that are yet to get their shit together, the move away from magstripe is actually causing problems.

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