{article} Cheap web hosting company for my website?]

Question by cherryvktango: Cheap web hosting company for my website?
I have a domain name so would need to transfer that, my web hosting account at the mo is with host Papa, but they want £60 a year and I’m shopping around for less, any ideas? I build my website at home with dreamweaver so must be compatible with that.

Dont answer unless its a real web company for less than £60 per year please, ta x

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Answer by cuteafsal
Register here: http://www.000webhost.com/177820.html

They give 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB data transfer.There is no any kind of advertising on my pages too, so I think its worth to signup.

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Question by Penny: Cheap web hosting for my portfolio?
I’m a design major in college looking to set up a website to show my work to potential employers for an internship next summer. I’ve learned how to make websites, but unfortunately my classes never taught me how to go about getting one hosted. I am not interested in template sites like wix.com. I’m coding my site from scratch.

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Answer by richard m
you will need to get traffic to your web sight once you get started so i would try this and maybe make some money. there are some good ones out there on line dont give up.

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