{article} Hassle free cheap ,professional reliable web hosting ?]

Question by Andrew W: Hassle free cheap ,professional reliable web hosting ?
I am looking at this website here it promises great webs hosting ..I need something for my new online store..Does anyone approve this site?


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Answer by Michael James Swan
It looks like one of those good to be true hosting companies.

SEE Source for a cheap, reliable and friendly hosting company.

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Question by OMG CAPS !!!: Cheap webhosting and domain with Paypal?
I’m looking for a cheap web hosting + a free domain that accepts Paypal as payment without a credit card.

I tried 1&1 which is pretty cheap but when I try to pay with Paypal, they ask me for my credit card and I don’t have one.

Anyone know a good, reliable, and cheap webhosting that includes a free domain?

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Answer by Josh
Try GoDaddy??

I don’t think you get a free domain though.

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Question by Erin: Cheap web host for small website?
I am helping my boss make a website for our restaurant, which is very basic with about 10 pictures total. He is very stingy and wants to do this cheaply or not at all, so if anyone could recommend a web host with a small amount of space, that’d be great. Any sort of package including a .ca domain would also be helpful. Price over quality here.

Thanks 🙂
The website is going up because we do a lot of take out and delivery, and I get a few requests every night asking for somewhere to see the menu. It would be very beneficial to have the menu somewhere, rather than spending 5 minutes with someone helping them pick out what they want to eat several times a night. As for paying for someone to make the site, I am doing it for them as a favour, so really they only need to pay for hosting and a domain name.

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Answer by Lucy Girl
The restaurant would need to be near some tourist location, just off a major highway or in a large metro area otherwise it is a waste of time and money for a cafe where all of their clients live within 10 miles of the restaurant.
The tourist area name or major highway needs to be in the website content to help draw internet traffic to the website. You boss is not being stingy on this point. He has both of his hands and feet firmly gripped on the reality of the situation. I used to work for a website company that made cheap little websites for thousands of small businesses. It would show up as $ 40 a month on their phone bill or on the company credit card. I finally had to quit. They pressured me into selling websites for places like a gas station. Who is going to successfully use an internet search engine and find a gas station that they need? So you pay for a domain name then pay for a web host and who is going to do the good coding for the website? That way someone searching the internet can actually find it? You should be able to find a free to less than $ 10 a month. I am not familiar with canada web hosts.

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