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Question by music_freak: need help for web hosting service!?
i needed a cheap high-bandwidth web host.. after much searching i found this: http://www.manashosting.com/windows.html
now my prob is that i’m a bit suspicious seeing “Unlimited Disk Space; Unlimited Bandwidth” = Rs.1500/yearly = 35$ annualy(approx) for 1 domain.Its too cheap! And what i cant understand is this: “Database Space 1200MB” what is this??
Is there any catch in this hosting service?? or is it clean. plz advice!

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Answer by Michael V
There is no such thing as “unlimited” anything in webhosting. They might claim to give you unlimited space or bandwidth, but when you start using up too much, they will kick you off their servers. They will probably have some “fair use” policy or something in their Terms Of Service (read the smallprint). What they are doing is called “overselling”, and it’s not a good practice to keep your servers stable.

Have a look at http://www.Radixhosting.com/ I’ve been using them for over a year, and what you see is what you get. No unlimited space or bandwidth bullsh*t. And they’re quite affordable too!

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