Think Smart with Good Reseller Web Hosting

Hosting; means find a place on the internet reserved for your website to be available to people on the net.  Reseller hosting; you buy a server storage space to resell to a third party with double price. You can set up your own company and own branding. In case, if there are any issues or technical problems, the customer care of your original hosting provider should solve it to you. 

I believe if you are a web designer or developer, you can be a reseller hosting. When the customer comes to you for a web design, means you have a dedicated client for hosting. You can offer to host the website that you designed. Let us say you buy reseller at $13 monthly, and then you can sell your hosting with $10 monthly. You will gain the opportunity to make good revenue than most of being in the business of reseller web hosting. The advantage of beginning such a smart business is that your investment is low, and your risk is nothing. Have you calculate if you have only 10 customers, how much you will be earn per month besides no formal technical experience is required .

This internet business is like the affiliate marketing program to earn money online. You can convince your clients to get better revenues by designing your own website and have a competitor package to attract the varied group of customers. May be you will be a surprised to know that even the big companies do the same issue; by buy server space from other service providers and then dividing the space and bandwidth into further small parts to sell it to individuals and commercial clients.   Do not think that the web host service providers with higher fees offer the highest quality of service, is not always the case. Usually, the lower-priced hosting providers give impressive support.

There are many ways to start your reseller web hosting. Simply, become an affiliate for a good company, or can start your own reseller web service. Your potential revenue from reselling webhosting depends on how much you are paid, how much they charge you, and what value-added solutions you can offer your clients.

Written By: Jim Fonda

Reseller Web Hosting News

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A growing popularity of the Internet has craved the way for the promotion of reseller web hosting sites all over cyberspace. But what is reseller web hosting and can it be advantageous for somebody. To answer this question first we should define what web hosting is.

50% Lifetime Discount for Reseller web hosting
VEXXHOST.COM now give a 50% on reseller hosting. The plans start at $12.55, they have full features using cPanel 11 and WHM. Also all the reseller accounts are white labeled reseller hosting plans, that means it can be used for a small web hosting providers.

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Finding inexpensive reseller web hosting accounts is thought by most of us to be an impossibility. Although it might be a necessity is it really something that you can afford to pay for? This raises the question of whether it is possible to find a reseller hosting account for a similar price to a typical shared hosting account.

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Of every the things that you may have heard about cheap resellering in the course of your Internet research, what you may have wondered about the most is its potential for helping you earn a significant income. The foremost question on everyone’s minds when first considering entering this earth is “Is it indeed doable to make a lot of money from reseller hosting?”

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If you’re short on cash, but have a great website you need to go live, a cheap web hosting reseller could be your solution. Using a reseller ensures you get your site online without breaking the bank. Before you commit yourself, you need to use caution in choosing a host company and what they are actually offering. Here are a few tips for making this decision easier.