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Question by Yoso: Confused about Microsoft Frontpage 2003?
I’ve already created my website and ready to publish it.
(Using FTP). But I want to get a domain for it and a web host.
But how do you do it? Where abouts will I get the cheapest priced web host and domain. Please help?
Someone told me you would get one for £2.50/£3.50 ($ 5.00/$ 7.00)

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Answer by Prove It To Me
I did a lot of reasearch before I chose the host for my website. I chose http://www.ixwebhosting.com. I pay $ 59 per year for the basic web hosting package which give me plenty of storage, emails, bandwidth, etc. for my needs. I would highly recommend IX Web Hosting.

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Question by : How do I create a free website?
I am starting my own business and would like to have a website to direct traffic and showcase biz. Can someone please give me legitimate advice on web hosting and design that is either free or very cheap. I may even need a checkout section also where people can purchase products. I am doing wedding/event planning, so need lots of space for pictures and blogging. Thanks so much!

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Answer by Foxtra
wix.com is great

Go nuts.

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Question by Cool Ocean Breeze: Need some advice picking the right web host and setting my website?
I want to set up my own film fan website. I’m not dropping the day job but just want to share my passion about a particular type of films with other fans, so it will be a bit of a hobby for me.

I was going to do a blog but then saw that having your own website hosted is incredibly cheap. There are so many options though, I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good web host.

I need one in particular that can offer a decent site builder (I don’t need anything too fancy)

If I use somebody like justhost.com which got some good feedback, will I be allowed to put some google ads on it (I don’t expect much revenue at all, but I might as well) and be an affiliate for other websites, or will justhost.com not let me?

Finally, what do I need to do if I want to use some pictures from the movies I want to review, and some other pictures to give along the news I want to put on my web, I take it I can’t grab them from other sites and use them, do I need to go along the route of contacting the film studios and ask them for pictures to use?

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Answer by Green Bonsai
I use http://www.syyncre.com/ for the last year. only $ 2.95 a month and includes a domain.

they have a nice site builder script and a free instant setup of wordpress or drupal for creating blog type sites or data driven sites.

for the images, just use public released images they let news and bloggers use.

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