‘Pepper’ robot uses trial-and-error learning to master a child’s game

Robots, much like children, are now using simple games to learn important skills. Pepper, SoftBank’s adorable humanoid robot, recently learned to play ball-in-a-cup (also called ring and pin) in an effort to better understand optimal trajectory. In the beginning, SoftBank’s team demonstrated the game to the robot by guiding its arm. By the end of the video below, Pepper no longer required their assistance. It took 100 tries, but each failed attempt left Pepper to analyze and try to improve upon past performance, much like a human. After each failed attempt, the robot attempted to alter the movement slightly in an…

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Tokyo Game Show 2015: Console Needs More 3rd Party Support, Mobile Has Peaked

One of the signs in gaming before the floor falls out from beneath you is that of wanton excess. This year?s Tokyo Game Show had that in abundance, not from console publishers mind but the mobile gaming contingent. Yet in Japan, many feel the market has peaked so the excess was very telling.

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{article} Interested in starting a text based game?]

Question by : Interested in starting a text based game?
Hey guys,i’ve been looking at web hosting engines that are pretty cheap only about 50-100 bucks for a year.I’ve been wanting to start a legitimate text based game,nothing like free webs or anything.The game would preferably be based around the medieval era.I have the whole story and everything layed out and planned in writing and in my head but its too long to write in here.The reason im asking this question is because i was wondering if anybody else would like to start it all up with me.but you’d have to handle the finances and get reimbursed little by little back from the site through purchases,adds etc.I know this sounds really bad but if youd like to know more about the game and the plan i have for it and if you have any questions please email me at [email protected]


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Answer by Jess A

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Question by : Building a websites need help please!?!?
I am building two websites. One for my boy friend, who just opened his own martial arts school and one for my mom, who just owns her own fitness business. I was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions to what web host to go through something cheap would be preferred. Or if anyone had any advice to share that would be greatly appreciated. I am pretty tech Savoy, but not all knowing so any information or advice anyone could provide would be nice. Thank you and God Bless!

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Answer by SR?????????
i recommend 000webhost.com (Free) or www.hosting24.com (Paid). These are best services ive come through yet.

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Question by a: I need help with domains?
What is the difference between domains and web hosting? If I am registering a domain online and it says that my plan has 5 sub domains does this mean I can only have: example.com, example.com/1.html, example.com/2.html, example.com/3.html, example.com/4.html, and example.com/5.html. Or can I make more? If I can make more, what are sub domains then? If I get a domain and not web hosting will there be a place on the host website for me to submit what I want to be on my own website? If not how do you submit info for your website? Assuming that I can do what I want with a domain and a limited number of sub domains does anybody have any suggestions for a really cheap hosting site?
On a side note I have always wondered how hosts have the right to make websites and who controls websites on a global scale (it seems like there could be pirate websites like there are radio stations, yet I have not seen any.)?
I am still confused and this is probably the most important question. Lets say I get a domain and not hosting. How will I be able to edit my web page? Can I even do that? I see thing that say if you buy the hosting you can get website development help. I don’t know if this means like a package with tools for web development or the ability to even edit your website at all. I am really poor so I wouldn’t like to pay monthly if possible. Is buying a domain like dibs on that name or can you actually make a website? If you can what are the benefits of hosting over a domain?

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Answer by Swibs
Hosting provides you with a server and server space. This space is assigned an IP address.

A domain is a text-based locator (www.example.com) that points to that IP address.

Your domain name points to the IP address of the web server. Without a domain name, the only way to reach your site is to type the IP address in a browser’s address bar.

Hosting places have the power to control the websites they host because they reside on their own hardware. They don’t interfere with their customer’s websites and operations because nobody will want to pay for that kind of service. They have very basic rules their customers must follow; other than that, customers can do whatever the hell they want.

Domain names are regulated by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. http://www.icann.org/

I’d recommend Bluehost. They’re pretty cheap, and allow unlimited storage and transfer. That’s one hell of a deal. http://www.bluehost.com/

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