IDG Contributor Network: 7 reasons mid-size tech companies should reconsider going all-in on public cloud

AWS primarily and Azure, of late, dominate today’s discussions around storage, backup and compute power. A quick glance at headlines from technology journalists, and a reader can glean a common coverage theme that ties these writers together — the ongoing discussion around the benefits of going all-in on the public cloud. However, in most cases technology journalists are writing about larger corporations, or big name installations, which may or may not reflect the actual trends taking place in the marketplace, especially at mid-size companies and organizations experiencing a growth spurt.

As one who is regularly engaged with the CIOs at mid-size and smaller companies and organizations, I don’t see them going all-in on the cloud right now; rather some are pulling back from it and either opting a hybrid cloud solution, or are going all-in with on-prem backup solutions. In fact, according to a survey published by SMB analyst firm Techaisle LLS, the hybrid cloud is now being used by 32 percent of midmarket (100 to 999 employees) organizations, and that figure is expected to remain relatively flat at 31 percent into next year, in spite of what your read in the press about AWS or Azure penetration.

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What To Consider While Going For Reselling Hosting Plans

Nowadays, many people are taken by the concept of Reseller Hosting. In case of such hosting idea, a company gives web hosting services to other companies for relatively low price, acting as a web host for the other company. A reseller basically acts as a middleman in the entire reselling procedure. Affordable web hosting resellers usually offer website design services on top of website management service. This way, they become both the server for the site as well as the host of the site.

A reseller usually gets affordable hosting service from reputed and accountable web hosting companies first and then stab to resell it at a profit to their customers. However today, a myriad of reselling hosting services are sprouting with numerous plans broadly classified under the categories of discounted, cheap, and also, free. Hence, if you are also thinking about taking the benefit of this concept, ensure to analyze well the available reseller hosting plans and gauge them properly to fit your needs. Big company or small one, free plan or costly one, what matters the most is suitability of the plan.

Price range

The entire price range is broad enough to accommodate needs of both individual and small business. Individual, who have certain or limited requirement can easily do with cheap affordable and reliable web hosting and reseller plans. However, small businesses with little more requirements can go for relatively higher priced plan. The point that must be focused is that every plan should be researched and gauged properly to see if they make a good fit. It often happens that some less expensive plans have numerous restrictions or no bandwidth. Hence, everything depends largely on the amount of ecommerce that you will be doing with the site.

Windows and Linux

There is no need to ponder much even if in case, you are wondering for a lot of bandwidth and space with reseller web hosting plans. Both Linux and Windows web hosting reseller plans are available in several options. As a matter of fact, in terms of a reseller hosting plan, these two providers can easily lodge huge space and bandwidth capabilities. Both windows and linux, have dedicated servers and their customer support is usually quite satisfying.


Once you understand the needs of your plan, you can start with the process of shopping for your suitable web reseller hosting plan on the Internet. Numerous hosting plan reseller web sites are available on the web, where you can easily note their offered services. Many of such will also guide you about their additional capabilities in reseller hosting plans. You may also take advice from other people, who are already using such plans. Forums can be an appropriate place to find such suggestions and recommendations as clients often share their experiences with different plans. A reseller hosting plan is not difficult to find but what is a little harder is finding the best one for you. Researching different plans can be fruitful to have a plan this both affordable and reliable.

Lastly, also make sure that the sites you are visiting for picking up your best reseller hosting plan are reliable and certified. One such trustworthy name in this sphere is You may also use the same source for collecting more information about the features, services and capabilities of reseller hosting plan.

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