Google’s AI is scary good at depicting what’s in your photos

Watch out IBM Watson, Google has its own kickass ‘Show and Tell’ AI and it’s getting pretty damn good at depicting what it sees in photos – and now everyone can use it. Today, the tech giant announced it’s open-sourcing its automatic image-captioning algorithm as a model in TensorFlow for everyone to use. This means anyone can now train the algorithm to recognize various objects in photos with up to 93.9 percent accuracy – a significant improvement to the 89.6 percent that the company touted when the project initially launched back in 2014. Training ‘Show and Tell’ requires feeding it hundreds of thousands of human-captioned images that the machine then uses and re-uses when…

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This Video Of A Guy Executing Fish With A Pistol Is Actually Good Because Lionfish Suck

I think every non-sociopath’s first instinct when seeing the title card of the video above—which lives up to its billing, as this is indeed a four-minute clip of a man equipped with a waterproof Glock who uses it to “fish” for lionfish—is one of dread. Oh no, you worry, accurately. Am I really about to watch someone brain scores of defenseless little fish with a goddamn handgun???

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Google Home isn’t good news for Nest



OK, Google, what’s up with Nest?

You just unveiled your widely anticipated smart home device, Google Home. Like Amazon Echo, it’s an always-listening device that can answer queries, check schedules and work with third-party smart home devices, including those from Nest.

I should be happy about that.

Dotted around my home are four Nest devices: two Nest Thermostats, a Nest Cam (formerly a Dropcam) and Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector. I can control the thermostats with my Amazon Echo. By the fall, I might be able to get my hands on Google Home and let it access and control these devices. Read more…

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{article} is their any cheapest web host but with good features?because i have very low budget to spend?]

Question by : is their any cheapest web host but with good features?because i have very low budget to spend?

Best answer:

Answer by Ansar
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{article} where can I get a cheap, good website package (website, host, domain name) for starting an online business?]

Question by bwr4458: where can I get a cheap, good website package (website, host, domain name) for starting an online business?
I’m wanting to start an online business, but I know very little about things like web hosts, web sites, domain names, etc. and there are so many providers to choose from that I don’t know who to choose from or even where to start. I don’t want to spend a lot of money until I know if my business will do good, but on the other hand I don’t want to buy anything that is’nt any good. I’d appreciate any tips on these matters

Best answer:

Answer by Jerry

They have very reliable and economical packages.

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{article} Suggestion for a good web host?]

Question by Jay R: Suggestion for a good web host?
I’ve tried GoDaddy – it looks cool, i think it’s quite cheap too.

I’ve also tried webHost which i think its quite expensive but probably simpler than GoDaddy.

Any other good webhosting service out there that supports everything?

Best answer:

Answer by themit
Try MD GreenHost. It’s much better support than the big web hosting companies, environmentally friendly and supports almost everything. I use them for my big websites. You can test their services obligation-free for a week to see if it’s for you at

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{article} does anyone know of any cheap but good web hosting companies?]

Question by Donald S: does anyone know of any cheap but good web hosting companies?

Best answer:

Answer by Tom R
Not sure what you are looking to do but have you check out the hosting offered by Microsoft:

Haven’t heard any feedback but its free.

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Question by Professional Worker: which is the best Web host? domains 1-3.lots of disk space. etc. reliable??? any suggestions???

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{article} can someone help me in finding a web host that is good and still kinda cheap?]

Question by daisyhuff4: can someone help me in finding a web host that is good and still kinda cheap?
i need to design a website and find a web host for my new business. ANy help would be nice
thanks in advance

Best answer:

Answer by BountyJack
Here are some free internet hosting sites

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Answer by Duck goes Oink Oink!
start making youtube video’s and become a youtube partner!


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Question by : Who to use for web hosting?
Hi, I am looking at building a website for a small business and was wondering who to use for the hosting. I have checked and the domain is available etc. But not sure who to on the hosting:

The features I require are:

– At least 10 email accounts
– Check out processing facility
– Auto responder email facility
– 1GB Space
– FTP area (not required but helpful!)

Ideally I would like this as cheap as possible but understand to get the ‘right’ service, any help or advice would be appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by David Olivas
IPOWER is good and cheap.

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{article} starting a new website, does anyone know of some free/cheap good web hosts?]

Question by u.baggedout: starting a new website, does anyone know of some free/cheap good web hosts?
So I have been thinking about starting my own website, but I have absolutely NO experience….. I have been looking around for some web hosts that has a website builder and where I can put up a forum, that sort of thing…. the problem is, since I am new at this, I don’t want to go and just empty out my pockets just yet…. If there is anything FREE out there that provides this kinda service (I don’t mind having to purchase a domain name), that would be absolutely great (AND DEFINETLY THE BEST ANSWER!), if not, then, a cheap one that would be the second best choice…. anyone knows of any? thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Gail B
I have about 3 websites up on google, you have to have a free google email address with them, but they is all entirely free, I really like them you can also store stuff there for people to download. Its great. It is all free there are no fee’s and no hosting fee’s all done for you. Try it out, if not interested in that maybe you can get back to me I can help you with a solution to your problem. So go look at google pages first if you like. Another I use is that is not free but has a small monthly fee. Hope thats helpful

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