Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asks Twitter for help with his two jobs


Jack Dorsey is one of the guys who founded Twitter. He’s also the guy who cofounded payment company Square.

The 40-year-old entrepreneur is heralded as the product visionary for the two Silicon Valley startups, and he currently presides as CEO of both. 

Clearly, Dorsey has a lot to juggle. So Thursday afternoon, he took to Twitter to ask for help in the footsteps of Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, who did the same thing on Christmas Day:

Following in the footsteps of Brian Chesky: what’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017? #Twitter2017

— 🚶🏽jack (@jack) December 29, 2016 Read more…

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IT, Dev Boot Camps Help Kick-Start Careers

IT pros and developers looking for new opportunities and new grads looking for an advantage in getting that first IT job are exploring new education options — IT and technology education boot camps. In this InformationWeek Expert Voice podcast, we spoke with a provider of these intensive sessions about what they are and why they … Continue reading IT, Dev Boot Camps Help Kick-Start Careers


IT, Dev Boot Camps Help Kick-Start Careers

IT pros and developers looking for new opportunities and new grads looking for an advantage in getting that first IT job are exploring new education options — IT and technology education boot camps. In this InformationWeek Expert Voice podcast, we spoke with a provider of these intensive sessions about what they are and why they are becoming popular now.
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5 pocket-sized gadgets that’ll help you eat healthier


Maybe you do it for social justice, or environmental sustainability, a food allergy, or some other reason. For those of us who endeavor to eat conscientiously and in line with certain values — whatever the rationale — staying on the wagon, and knowing what we’re eating is what we’re told it is, can be difficult.

Can we be sure that this scone contains absolutely zero gluten? That this “spring water” is free of contaminants? That the fish in the fridge hasn’t spoiled?

In a word, no — not 100 percent. But thanks to technology, we’re getting considerably closer to near-complete assurance that our food is as safe and clean as advertised. Here are five gadgets invented to give those of us who “eat our values” a bit more peace of mind, whether we’re at home, out at a restaurant, in the supermarket, or at the farmer’s market. (Spoiler: you’ve probably got one of these in your pocket right now.) Read more…

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Amazon Cloud, Analytics Help Researchers Fight Famine

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Researchers in the US and China explore rice genomes with AWS analytics tools to develop drought and disease resistant crops.
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{article} Plz help if you know a web host?]

Question by fabolous: Plz help if you know a web host?
can any one tell me if you know a cheap web host in uk which allows me to use paypal to charge my customers.

Best answer:

Answer by edit_bob

Give your answer to this question below!

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Question by fu12321cc: Which web hosting is most reliable and affordable?
I need an affordable, cheap dedicated web server (free would be nice).

Best answer:

Answer by acklan
Well I cannot help with free, but I have been using Yahoo with my domain name for about 3 yrs and have been very satisfied. About $ 12\mo.

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Question by Orchid: The best cheap reliable web host?
Hi, im trying to start my own small business on the internet selling fossils and crystals as ebay are charging an awful lot. Can you reccommend anyone in particular as there are so many out there. I didnt want to spend over £4 per month and i already have a domain name through

Best answer:

Answer by Mike C
I recommend hostgator’s baby plan for $ 9.95 a month they have a $ 25 off coupon code that will expire soon that will bring it down to $ 7.86/month too.

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{article} WordPress 3 questions including index page help?]

Question by Melanie: WordPress 3 questions including index page help?

Firstly I’m a web design newbie. I’m capable of using FTP and html etc, so I can follow stuff no problem, and once I have done something once I’m easily able to crack on with the rest of things. However, I’m no technical whizz, so no convoluted IT jargon please!

I have a web hosting package with UK-Cheapest and I’ve downloaded Word Press on to my account as an application.

Now, I know that with UK-Cheapest (same as any other web hosts I guess!) they give you a bog standard index.php file which you are supposed to delete and overwrite with your own personal index.php file (when you have one). Therefore when anyone goes onto your site on the web this is your Welcome page.

Now, the index page I have developed in Word Press was within the Word Press folders, so I copied it and pasted it into the folder where the dummy index file had previously been. However, I cannot see my file when I go on the web! It comes up with a white screen! I read somewhere in the instructions about having to also copy over some sort of access file from the Word Press folder (which I’m guessing is why the screen is blank), but I cannot find it anywhere. I’ve been through all the motions of setting my system to ‘show hidden files’ but can I hell find it. I tried UK Cheapest live chat but they weren’t much help!!

Can anyone help?

My second/third (basic question) is, that the Word Press template I have used has a blog on the bottom which I don’t want, I just want an information page with links to other pages in my site. Can I get rid of the blog, or do I just need to download a different template for this? And how can I change the font to Arial rather than Times New Roman as the Word Press instructions are 10 mins long…surely it can’t be that long a process??

Thanks in advance
Thanks Stone. It’s the htaccess file I have been looking for and I can’t find it anywhere. the instructions tell you to copy over the htaccess file to the same directory as the WordPress index.php which I could do if I could find it… As I said, I’ve tried ‘show hidden files’ and I can’t see it.

Best answer:

Answer by stone
Yes, the index files in wordpress are blank…

You might want to use your htacess file to send visitors from the welcome page to the wordpress, or just use the index page to talk about your site and link to the wordpress blog.

The current post on the wordpress can be edited or deleted from the wordpress control panel (dashboard).

There’s a reason for the long instructions at wordpress, there are a lot of files, going to the correct file and changing the correct bit of code is somewhat technical.

You may wish to create a child theme,,,

With the child theme, you can change as much or as little as you wish.

Have you tried creating an htaccess file in public html and just going for it?
Or maybe create one in your computer and upload it…

Are you using your ftp program to look for the htaccess file? If there’s one in wordpress, it should be the first file after the folders.

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{article} need help for web hosting service!?]

Question by music_freak: need help for web hosting service!?
i needed a cheap high-bandwidth web host.. after much searching i found this:
now my prob is that i’m a bit suspicious seeing “Unlimited Disk Space; Unlimited Bandwidth” = Rs.1500/yearly = 35$ annualy(approx) for 1 domain.Its too cheap! And what i cant understand is this: “Database Space 1200MB” what is this??
Is there any catch in this hosting service?? or is it clean. plz advice!

Best answer:

Answer by Michael V
There is no such thing as “unlimited” anything in webhosting. They might claim to give you unlimited space or bandwidth, but when you start using up too much, they will kick you off their servers. They will probably have some “fair use” policy or something in their Terms Of Service (read the smallprint). What they are doing is called “overselling”, and it’s not a good practice to keep your servers stable.

Have a look at I’ve been using them for over a year, and what you see is what you get. No unlimited space or bandwidth bullsh*t. And they’re quite affordable too!

What do you think? Answer below!

STEP #1 :: FREE WordPress Video Tutorials | Domain & Hosting

Step #1 | Choose a Domain Name and get cheap WordPress Website Hosting | Create a WordPress website, blog and podcast on your own website address with these FREE WordPress video tutorials from
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{article} Self Web hosting help (Advice about scale and how to) and cost.?]

Question by Peter_23: Self Web hosting help (Advice about scale and how to) and cost.?

I am a web designer of sorts and I like to create websites for my self and others. I want to start hosting my websites and my clients websites on my server (so that I can offer more support my clients are not tech savvy and need something fully managed plan). I am an optimist and hope one of my many websites can get high traffic. My websites are designed using php, I am familiar with Apache and Mysql and have had some experience with a virtual dedicated server before. I would like to know the cost of running these such websites and the cost for hardware. I want to run a web server and an a separate sql server. I was also thinking of starting with a used prolient or something along those lines maybe U1 or U2. Any suggestions will be appreciated and welcome. As I said before I am an optimist and want something that is scalable reliable and fast(and cheap too)I plan to run something along the lines of 400 single page websites(could be more with time) and 2-3 more complex with search options and data bases ( the works) with a good UI. I know I am asking for a lot but hope you guys and gals can help me out.

Thanks for your help in advance

Best answer:

Answer by free_indeed2000
the problem you will have is your ISP. upload speeds and bandwidth are not that great on standard accounts. hosting 400 sites on a home server on a residential internet connection would garuntee terrible service should a few of the site become popular.

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