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{article} Setting up webserver to host personal web pages using DSL from verizon?]

Question by AT: Setting up webserver to host personal web pages using DSL from verizon?
Verizon does not appear to allow to do it unless you become a business account (more $ $ ) . Has anyone set up a web server (apache) and have it accesible via http from outside? Any workarounds? they say it is possible only with static ip address. which you can get if you pay them large amt. The dynamic address of the router is not accessible or even pingable from outside with a consumer account.

Best answer:

Answer by ratherbski
Verison (or any other company) does not publish their internal addresses on the internet. The only way to have a web server on the internet is to have an public address mapped back to your server. So ISPs do provide space on a web server for their customers, verison is 10MB of space. Very limited. You could look into an web hosting company and see if it’s cheaper.

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{article} Cheaping Web Host witht eh Best Layouts?]

Question by shugarliozxxxx: Cheaping Web Host witht eh Best Layouts?
I want to find a cheap web host and that I can buy my domain from… they must have really good layouts/flash ones …. does anyone know of any?

Best answer:

Answer by ardy
get a html editor and make your own…not too hard, just takes a little practice….you can download free ones…

godaddy.com is a good host…yahoo too…

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Question by Crazy K: Where can I buy cheap but highly reliable windows hosting?
Should support asp.net 1/2.0/3.5
Should be able to host multiple aspx web sites

Best answer:

Answer by Ankit
in my view you can go with 1and1.com

i know that they have complicated processes in all the ways but at the end they have better services than anyone else

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{article} best cheap e commerce web host?]

Question by Kyle: best cheap e commerce web host?

Best answer:

Answer by Oriu Tm
I found this website for you. You can compare the top ecommerce hosting and read reviews.

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{article} where can i get the best and cheapest email hosting company, that can host 1 million emails for me? Mark?]

Question by markie: where can i get the best and cheapest email hosting company, that can host 1 million emails for me? Mark?
My company is design a web portal that will forrer free emails. we require a dedicated email host that is good, efficient and affordable.

Best answer:

Answer by varqha
sorry but i sould say that you cant and you have too pay tooooo much mony

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Cheap Web Hosting, yet BEST company – ipage! To get unlimited bandwidth, a FREE domain and 0 in bonuses, and its on sale right now for .95/per month!! www.howdoyoustartawebsite.com
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{article} is their any cheapest web host but with good features?because i have very low budget to spend?]

Question by : is their any cheapest web host but with good features?because i have very low budget to spend?

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Answer by Ansar
I would recommend Hostgator, Hostgator is Fantastic! They’re dirt Cheap,Unlimited Bandwidth,Unlimited Disk Space,Unlimited Domain and Email and if You Put in the Coupon: FREE994COUPON you’ll get the First Month for $ 0.01 (Or use GATOR25HOST to get 25% Discount)- and the Coupon Still works, I Just signed up with it.


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{article} Plz help if you know a web host?]

Question by fabolous: Plz help if you know a web host?
can any one tell me if you know a cheap web host in uk which allows me to use paypal to charge my customers.

Best answer:

Answer by edit_bob

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Question by fu12321cc: Which web hosting is most reliable and affordable?
I need an affordable, cheap dedicated web server (free would be nice).

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Answer by acklan
Well I cannot help with free, but I have been using Yahoo with my domain name for about 3 yrs and have been very satisfied. About $ 12\mo.

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Question by Orchid: The best cheap reliable web host?
Hi, im trying to start my own small business on the internet selling fossils and crystals as ebay are charging an awful lot. Can you reccommend anyone in particular as there are so many out there. I didnt want to spend over £4 per month and i already have a domain name through godaddy.com.

Best answer:

Answer by Mike C
I recommend hostgator’s baby plan for $ 9.95 a month they have a $ 25 off coupon code that will expire soon that will bring it down to $ 7.86/month too. http://www.castironhostingreview.com/hostgator-review.html

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{article} Great Linux Web Host?]

Question by adrrieen: Great Linux Web Host?

I’m looking great, fast shared web-hosting company to host my another web project. I’d like to hear your recommendation & suggestion what I’m looking for.

Currently I hosted my site on GoDaddy. They’re cheap, slow access on admin panel, and they not allowed us to customize .htaccess 🙁

I’ve listed another web host company such as;
* Hostgator.com
* Mediatemple.net
* Dreamhost.com
* GreenGeeks.com
What do you think about them?! Let me know then 🙂


Best answer:

Answer by acegrfx
I use Hostgator and for the most part am very happy with them. the only problems have been is when they have been when they have had DOS (denial of service) attacks

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