Gartner’s 10 Strategic Technologies For Government, 2016 Include Internet of Things, Smart Machines

Gartner forecasts 25B IoT-based installed devices by 2020, with 6.8B alone in smart cities. Smart machines will become a catalyst of Industrie 4.0 adoption across global governments. Spending by national, federal and local governments worldwide on technology products and services is forecast to grow from $ 430.1B in 2016 to $ 476.1B by 2020.

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New, Insanely High-Resolution Pluto Images Include More Color—and Weird “Snakeskin” Textures

A fresh batch of images straight from the New Horizons downlink give us just what we’ve been waiting for: color views of Pluto! Ridiculously high resolution detail! Strange new snakeskin textures! Plus a first look at how methane is involved in shaping these crazy ice landscapes.

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{article} Do web hosting fee include domain registration?]

Question by vance: Do web hosting fee include domain registration?
Does paying for a web hosting for a planned website include domain registration? In other words, do we have to pay for each especially in a cheap web hosting services?

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Most WebHosts include a free domain (it is part of the package costs)

Try HostMonster, I have used them and know it is free, I wrote a review here

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