{article} Custom instant messenger that supports chat rooms, private messaging, webcams and voice chat?]

Question by rapidrpm: Custom instant messenger that supports chat rooms, private messaging, webcams and voice chat?
Can it be hosted by my own website? Would like it to be free or cheap – web hosting is expensive.

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Answer by Andrew T
Hi Rapid.

I have got something that you’d like; an AJAX webapp chat.

View it here: http://www.andrewtaylor.eu/live/blab and you can discuss it with me if you like

P.S. It’s free

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Question by .: Good web host? Free or cheap?
By cheap, I mean it’s gotta be under $ 15/year. I don’t need that much storage or bandwidth. It must have NO LIMITATIONS with respect to what you can upload – I shoot little videos sometimes and I’d like to upload them (They are nothing illegal or sketchy, just of my cat or whatever, lol). I also want to be able to upload mp3 files of me singing or talking or whatever – nothing I don’t own the copyright to. I also want full .htaccess control and I have to be able to hotlink my own files. No file-type restrictions and it must have FTP.

I am sick of going from host to host and finding nothing good. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations. Thanks in advance.
I’ve been with a FREE host for 2 years who have 99% uptime.

I have never seen my website down.

It’s been 2 years. I think I should just stick with them.

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Answer by Charles
I would suggest hostgator.com They have plans starting from $ 4.95

You can also get a free domain from http://www.register.com/promo/acquisitions_lp_1.rcmx?trkID=EMAoFkNb1W

Then go to worldbest.us/hosting and signup using code “hgcouponblog” for the first month for a penny. I know it doesn’t meet your limit of under $ 15 a year, but what I found out the hard way is that those type of hosts don’t work well. Hosting will be down for a few days or other types of problems.

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