Nintendo’s New Mini-NES Will Never Get More Games or Connect to the Internet

If you’re excited about the mini NES Nintendo announced today, you’re 100 percent not alone. But your excitement may be shortlived, as the console is going to be severely limited. Speaking to Kotaku, Nintendo confirms that there will never be an upgrade to the NES mini, nor will it ever receive more games: The console […] Read more »

Gartner’s 10 Strategic Technologies For Government, 2016 Include Internet of Things, Smart Machines

Gartner forecasts 25B IoT-based installed devices by 2020, with 6.8B alone in smart cities. Smart machines will become a catalyst of Industrie 4.0 adoption across global governments. Spending by national, federal and local governments worldwide on technology products and services is forecast to grow from $ 430.1B in 2016 to $ 476.1B by 2020. Cloud […] Read more »

Heart Internet Launches Customisable Cloud Virtual Servers

Heart Internet Launches Customisable Cloud Virtual Servers Heart Internet is also offering their reseller hosting customers the ability to sell customised virtual servers under their own brand, a UK first. As well as the choosing the VPS configuration, resellers can set their own prices and receive an … Read more on PR Web (press release) […] Read more »

Tricks for locating a reliable affiliate publisher network

Once reserved for that smaller community of internet-elite, affiliate marketing and advertising is turning out to be more broadly acknowledged as a legitimate, profitable supply of income from the comfort of the residence. Very basically, affiliate advertising consists of an individual becoming rewarded (generally in commission) for promoting a enterprise or product on the web. No matter if the commission is really a portion of a sale or perhaps a fixed quantity, in common the customer follows a link developed by the individual affiliate (otherwise identified like a 'publisher') and then completes a sale or delivers their personal data, depending on what the corporation is interested in. Read more »

Helpful Advice For Using SEO In The Uk To Increase A Website’s Ratings

SEO in the UK is often something lots of people want to know more about. Such things as putting keywords into each article on a website and setting up links to and from other websites can greatly increase a person's rating on the search pages. Regularly putting up new content that is interesting can also help boost a sites importance and bring in more traffic. Read more »

Organic Search Engine Optimization – What’s the Value of Your Semantic Map?

When you begin a conversation about organic search engine optimization one of the first topics is always content, which stands to reason because content really defines a lot of what a web page is. The weight that search engines place on the page content, articles, blog posts, etc. is much more than other things like Meta and image titles. The fact is that search engines are very thorough in their analysis of every page that they crawl means that you have to be extra careful about your content. Read more »

Increase Business Online with An Autoresponder

Email marketing is one of the most powerful means of growing an online business. There are so many people out there who use email regularly. Using autoresponders means that your emails will have more impact and you'll reach your target audience in a way you never thought possible. No matter what business you are going after on the internet, if you aren't using email then you are losing money. If you want to get all you can from your email marketing efforts, use the tips below. Read more »

Which Website Promotion Tool To Choose?

Your website promotion strategy is the first plan that you need to focus on before you even launch your website online. But website promotion is not as easy as it sounds because it is a wide spectrum of online tools and strategies that can be used to create an online presence and brand visibility. Read more »