Pluto’s Liquid Water Ocean Might Be Insanely Deep

In recent months, there’s been growing evidence that Pluto is hiding a liquid water ocean beneath its frozen surface. New models by researchers at Brown University support this hypothesis, and take it one mind-boggling step further: Pluto’s ocean may be more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) deep.

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The iPhone 7 Might Let You Take It for a Shower Without Breaking

If you’ve ever accidentally soaked your phone with water (or more frequently in my case, a pint of beer), you know the anxiety of having to let it dry in rice, and not knowing if your handset is irreparably busted. But this might be a thing of the past with the latest iPhone 7, as it’s rumored to come with IPX7 waterproofing. This essentially means that it is properly waterproof, and can “cope with being dropped in a puddle or stream with no ill effects.” This puts it on the same level as the Apple Watch. iPhones have been getter better at handling…

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