{article} Anyone knows a cheap month to month web hosting?]

Question by braca-montes: Anyone knows a cheap month to month web hosting?
I dont want to sign up for a year.. 2 years or so. I can’t afford it yet. Does anybody knows a place where i could host and pay month to month?

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Answer by jamesb2147
godaddy.com is pretty cheap and with a domain registration you get a month free!

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Question by Arun Christopher: Best web hosting service?
Can anyone please tell me a best and also a cheap web hosting site. I created a J2E web project which is a .ear file. I am currently using JBOSS server for deploying the ear and database is MYSQL. Please tell me complete procedure for making my web application up and online round the clock. Suggest some good data center services available.

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Answer by Farah Q
HostGator is The best choice to start with ….
Get First Month For Only 0.01 $
Hostgator is solid and you can have unlimted addon domains too
Hostgator is about the best you can get with shared hosting
Yeah…. For less than $ 10 per month, you can host as many domain name as you want.
I use hostgator myself, because I like how much they give you to start with so you can grow before you need to upgrade, but there’s plenty of room to upgrade as well. Good support, live chat if you want to ask them anything – even before you buy. My account was activated within 10 minutes and they replied to support tickets promptly.
Hostgator offers different size plans so you can start small and upgrade as needed.

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Question by Reflection: Need help picking web host for Dreamweaver site?
I have created a web page with 4 sub pages. I need a really cheap web hosting site that supports Dreamweaver. I will need to be able to edit once in a great while. THANKS!

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Answer by Tom S
I like Host monster a lot & they are about $ 6 or $ 7 a month and even cheaper if you pay for a year. They give you almost unlimited everything. I use it with Dreamweaver too. They have tech support here in the US that will help you with everything. here is the link http://www.hostmonster.com/track/dkcrystaldesigns/ Here is some good things to know when picking a host … http://www.yourwebsiteassistant.com/hosting.html/

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Question by Shanta Kunwar: Any knows a very cheap windows web hosting with latest supports?
Looking for windows webhosting with Asp.net MVC 3, MSSQL 2008 R2, ….. all those latest features.

Looking for something very cheap at the moment. I checked arvixe, and hostgator and used coupon codes and got $ 84 for 2 years at Arvixe.com. That’s the cheapset I came up with.

But does anyone knows something that’s even cheapter than this plan. Any coupons that worths like 50% or 70% or even 80% off.

Sometimes I see they had offered up to 80% off deals.
Let me know please if anyone knows. Keep in mind I already got $ 84 for 2 years. Just answer if you know something that’s cheapter than this.

and thanks in advance.

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Answer by Joe Jamal
As an experienced webmaster I recommend GoldPuma which I’m sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements. They have a really great offer for hosting & I have used them for over 4 yrs now, and have never had a single problem with them.


Hope this helps.

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