Google Keep finally arrives on iOS for all your note-taking needs

Google Keep iOS Social
Keep – Google’s simple note-taking app – is finally arriving on iOS. It’s the same set of features you’ve come to expect from the Android and Web versions. You can create colored notes and to-do lists, search for information by photo, audio, or text, or add labels to help keep things organized. You can also set reminders based on a time or location so you don’t forget an item from your next shopping list. Of course, it’s connected to the cloud, so your notes will be saved across all your devices, and collaborative functionality means you can share notes with others and work…

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Tokyo Game Show 2015: Console Needs More 3rd Party Support, Mobile Has Peaked

One of the signs in gaming before the floor falls out from beneath you is that of wanton excess. This year?s Tokyo Game Show had that in abundance, not from console publishers mind but the mobile gaming contingent. Yet in Japan, many feel the market has peaked so the excess was very telling.

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{article} Starving Artist needs free web domain?]

Question by jaybeth: Starving Artist needs free web domain?
Yes, literally a starving artist. I am a college student and I rely solely on the purchases of my artworks for my income. What I need is a web host that will allow for the unlimited upload of my photos, perhaps something like Flickr, but with an easier to navigate format and a page for my about me. I would use Flickr but it only allows 100MB a month in downloads and I have several GB of photos, and it would take me years to get all my photos on there.I have a domain already, I don’t need that, just someplace I can put all my pictures and show them off to clients.

Let me stress that I CANNOT PUT ANY MONEY in this whatsoever — I don’t care how cheap it is. PLEASE do not reply with ANYTHING that costs money. I am looking for FREE, as you can tell with my question. Thanks!

P.S. don’t be retarded and tell me that I won’t find a good host for free. I fully understand that I will not find something totally flexible to my needs. I’m not stupid. I just know there are free web hosting servers, I just can’t find them.

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Answer by William J

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Question by Joshua W: Building a Web Site?
User based web site with an email alert system for events (Races) sent out to people who subscribe to be alerted on the days the registration will open.

-Apache, Send Mail, any Database, Ajax based web site, message board, web crawler to watch race web sites for changes(site specific).

Hardware: HP Prolient Server, Generic web hosting, Static IP from Comcast Business class.

Functions: Profile Creation, HTML email alert, Message board for them to chat about the event, and the html email will probably have one or two Ad-Based pics within it.

Am I missing anything? What would you guys recommend to add, software to use, best way to do this on the cheap.
Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Jenifer G
May be you can contact a web designer at website like .

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