ZeroStack offers a private ‘cloud in a box’

If you’re in my age bracket, you might remember this clip of Yosemite Sam yelling at his camel to slow down. He kept yelling, “Whoa, Camel,” but the headstrong camel wouldn’t stop until Yosemite Sam jumped off and hit him on the head. (For you millennials, it used to be OK for kids to watch this stuff.)

A similar trend is happening in IT today. The cloud, specifically public cloud has become all the rage. We’re moving everything to the cloud—storage, apps, compute cycles, communications tools. You name it, there’s a cloud service for it. But are we moving too fast? Should CIOs be yelling, “Whoa cloud, whoa!” And then hitting their IT architects in the head with something?

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This Batshit Crazy Company Wants to Build Mobile Private Islands

Yachts are for chumps. People who really know how to spend their money get submersible yachts from Migaloo, a mysterious company that offers five different models of underwater palaces. But true evil villains just go for the Migaloo’s crown jewel: Kokomo Ailand.

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{article} Custom instant messenger that supports chat rooms, private messaging, webcams and voice chat?]

Question by rapidrpm: Custom instant messenger that supports chat rooms, private messaging, webcams and voice chat?
Can it be hosted by my own website? Would like it to be free or cheap – web hosting is expensive.

Best answer:

Answer by Andrew T
Hi Rapid.

I have got something that you’d like; an AJAX webapp chat.

View it here: and you can discuss it with me if you like

P.S. It’s free

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Question by .: Good web host? Free or cheap?
By cheap, I mean it’s gotta be under $ 15/year. I don’t need that much storage or bandwidth. It must have NO LIMITATIONS with respect to what you can upload – I shoot little videos sometimes and I’d like to upload them (They are nothing illegal or sketchy, just of my cat or whatever, lol). I also want to be able to upload mp3 files of me singing or talking or whatever – nothing I don’t own the copyright to. I also want full .htaccess control and I have to be able to hotlink my own files. No file-type restrictions and it must have FTP.

I am sick of going from host to host and finding nothing good. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations. Thanks in advance.
I’ve been with a FREE host for 2 years who have 99% uptime.

I have never seen my website down.

It’s been 2 years. I think I should just stick with them.

Best answer:

Answer by Charles
I would suggest They have plans starting from $ 4.95

You can also get a free domain from

Then go to and signup using code “hgcouponblog” for the first month for a penny. I know it doesn’t meet your limit of under $ 15 a year, but what I found out the hard way is that those type of hosts don’t work well. Hosting will be down for a few days or other types of problems.

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