CNBC just collected your password and shared it with marketers

CNBC inadvertently exposed peoples’ passwords after it ran an article Tuesday that ironically was intended to promote secure password practices. The story was removed from CNBC’s website shortly after it ran following a flurry of criticism from security experts. Vice’s Motherboard posted a link to the archived version. Embedded within the story was a tool in […] Read more »

What Bonuses Do You Receive With A Reseller Hosting Service That You Don’t With A Shared Service?

by joiseyshowaa When you go out shopping for cpanel hosting services you are bond to come across a variety of options giving you different benefits depending on the type of web site you wish to put up. There are technical and financial capabilities to be considered when sourcing for hosting providers. Clients working with a […] Read more »

{article} Web Hosting Help. Need Cheap Shared Unix + Dedicated IP?]

Question by supadupa: Web Hosting Help. Need Cheap Shared Unix + Dedicated IP? I’m looking for a cheap web host with a dedicated IP address that is located in the United States. I was going to go with Galaxy visions but upon dealing with their sales/support staff I realized they were a VERY small company […] Read more »