{article} if i were to start a small web hosting business are their companies that would let me use their servers?]

Question by sarmenhbb: if i were to start a small web hosting business are their companies that would let me use their servers?
if i were to start a small web hosting business are their companies that would let me use their servers? rather than me buying a server and hosting for customers myself? whats the cheapest way of doing it , thanks

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Answer by bo.echo
the best way is to become a reseller with a large web farm. you can google webspace reseller for lots of options.

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How To Start Domain And Web Hosting Reseller Business

Reselling Web Hosting Services

It is true that web hosting reselling services to individuals and companies desiring to have web presence or domain names for their respective businesses have virtually empowered many online business owners to become web hosts themselves thereby providing the ability to host their world wide web addresses – In recent days, individuals, companies and organizations have seen the great importance of establishing an online presence. As for anyone who takes to heart to start offering web hosting for their registered domain names; Creating unlimited domains and hosting their designed web pages on autopilot could make you a resource provider online.

How to become a web hosting reseller has become a new drive of intending online business owners considering the large quest of individuals, organizations and companies in search for suitable for personal and business purposes. This web hosting services review is poised at getting you started right away.

The web host reseller buys a bulk or wholesale reseller web hosting account(package) that comes in two major optional categories named Dedicated or Shared reseller hosting package and resells the allotted Web spaces and traffic bandwidth provided. You could get the hosting on the reseller platform of Linux or Windows. It becomes a private label when the reseller has it’s Name servers labeled or branded with his/her business name – Branding your own “unlimited” web hosting solutions. It will be interesting for us to understand a few things to consider starting a private label web hosting company thereby hosting of “unlimited domains” and profiting thereof:

Domain Name Registration: Registering domain name is very important for any online business owner or anyone who wants to be regarded serious with his or her online presence. Choosing and buying domain names carefully with the right keywords to suit your targeted audience is worth giving good attention. Make it be simple that even a two year old child can easily remember and sing it and should be most related to the web pages content keywords. Avoid using a free domain name to enable you have full control of your control panel (CP). If it is free domain, then you don’t own it. Domain name registration these days are cheap and affordable.

Disk Space and Traffic Bandwidth: The disk or web space and bandwidth should be relatively large to enable you allocate a reasonable web space and bandwidth to your clients using your Web Host manager (WHM).

Website Builder: Some web hosting solutions now provide free integrated website builder with lots of professional templates to quick start and launch your new hosting company to a global presence. Tip: Your reseller hosting account should be able to give your visitors who purchased your products the instant right to build and publish their websites freely from their respective control panel. If you’re a webmaster, you can also build quality and professional websites for yourself and clients with ease using Xsitepro.com website builder with many sided features for Internet marketing professionals.

Script: It should support as many scripts as possible like CGI, PHP 4 & 5,MySQL 4+, Perl, Python, FrontPage, Image Magick, Streaming Audio/Video etc.

Automated Billing System: You will need to consider having your own billing system that will automate purchases made on your hosting site using your WHM, even in real time. This ensures a smooth instant billing on your available payment options and subsequent recurring billings.

Reselling Domain Names: It is very important to obtain a domain name resellers account to help you provide instant domain names search and registration of your visitors or potential clients following your web hosting packages available for them, this will actually put you in-charge because they come, instantly search and register domain name(s) and finally host them with your website(hosting company) as combo. A few core web hosting providers have the “domain name reseller” package integrated.


Web Host Manager(WHM)

Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers

I consider and will prefer being unlimited, also the best web hosting with a private label reseller hosting plan where I can possibly grow by providing desired solutions to your prospects. This simply means to be able to host unlimited domains, sub-domains, POP3 accounts, MySQL Databases, FTP accounts and lots of more. Here is how your web hosting manager(WHM) will look like(by your right side)

There are many good web hosting companies online, but I will prefer to choose from one with hosting plans that meet all my hosting quest and beyond, thereby putting me in full control.

I recommend signing up with one of the reliable web hosting provider like reseller hosting plan, proven choice of most leading hosting resellers, affordable and reliable web hosting services.

How to Evaluate a Web Hosting Company

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