Uber drivers will verify their identities through selfies



From now on, Uber drivers will start their shifts with selfies. 

The ride-hailing company is expanding its Real-Time ID Check feature across the US, it announced in a blog post Friday. Drivers submit a selfie through the app to ensure the person driving the car matches Uber’s account on file. 

The feature doesn’t connect to a background check or do anything else to ensure the underlying safety of Uber drivers. Instead, it just checks that the person in the car is the same one Uber has on file. 

Drivers will be asked periodically to submit selfies before accepting rides, Uber said. The company uses Microsoft’s Cognitive Services API to compare the photo to one it has. If the photos don’t match, a driver’s account will be temporarily blocked.  Read more…

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Gain access to an ARM server running Linux OS, through the cloud

If you want to play with an ARM-based server, you can now apply to gain access to one online through the Linaro Developer Cloud.

The cloud service was announced in March but has finally gone live. It’s mainly targeted at developers who want to evaluate ARM servers.

The free service is one way to access ARM servers, which aren’t widely available. Applications go through an approval process, and only those serious about programming for ARM servers will likely be approved.

Developers will get remote access to bare-metal servers with ARM processors. Linaro has said servers will have ARM-based chips from Qualcomm, Cavium and Huawei, and users will be able to select specific hardware.

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Did Prehistoric People Watch the Stars Through This 6,000 Year Old ‘Telescope’?

Prehistoric humans may have observed the sky via primitive lens-less “telescopes,” according to a team of British astronomers who have studied the long passageways of ancient megalithic tombs. The details were presented today by Kieran Simcox, a student at Nottingham Trent University, at a meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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{article} Why Web-hosting through resellers being used by companies when big webshosting comps provide it so cheap?]

Question by Anupam: Why Web-hosting through resellers being used by companies when big webshosting comps provide it so cheap?
Which is the best webhosting service provider in India and if I take up some international vendor such hostmonster.com, would it be able to provide good service in India?

Best answer:

Answer by Alex D
I dont know for India, but for international I would suggest you this host:

Its one of the best worldwide!

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{article} Best/Cheapest Web Hosting Site To Go Through?]

Question by Homestar: Best/Cheapest Web Hosting Site To Go Through?
I’m buying my first domains and hosting. I’m really excited to start making my first web sites but I need to know how hosting works. What is the cheapest business online to do domain hosting. Also, can anyone explain how it works and any tips they learned along the way?

Best answer:

Answer by Colanth
If you’re doing this for a business, the best advice I can give you is, don’t be your own accountant, attorney, doctor or web developer.

If it’s for fun, use a free hosting service to begin with (you’ll have ads on your site) or host on your own computer (http://webdingers.com/wordpress/2009/07/creating-a-website/ ).

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Question by michel: does any one know a good cheap web host?
I need a hosting service that is under $ 10/month with at least 100 gigs of storage and 1000 gigs of transfer a month. i don’t massively care about up time but it needs to be at least 90%. I would also prefer that it not have a yearly contract but be a month to month thing.

Best answer:

Answer by Hakr
If I were you, the best option is MWEB ADSL, UNCAPPED.

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