Sharpen productivity and strengthen privacy with VPN Unlimited & To Do Checklist

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Productivity and privacy are essential priorities we all face in today’s highly competitive atmosphere. It’s a rare treat to knock out two major life challenges in one shot, but that’s exactly what you get with this great VPN Unlimited & To Do Checklist Lifetime Subscription Bundle offer from TNW Deals! For a limited time, we’re knocking 93 percent off lifetime access for top-level data security and browsing privacy with VPN Unlimited, as well as a Superman’s cape of organization and productivity assistance with To Do Checklist. A widely trusted source for digital privacy, VPN Unlimited lets you access the internet on both private…

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{article} Why is this web hosting so cheap? Unlimited everything eco-friendly ?]

Question by John S: Why is this web hosting so cheap? Unlimited everything eco-friendly ?
I found this website hosting provider:

They say they have unlimited space/bandwidth/domains/email etc… plus they’re hosted on an environmentally friendly source powered by solar/wind energy, and its only 7.95 a month, how is this possible?

I found a $ 20 off coupon code: THINKHOST20 so i wanted to see what you guys thought before I signed up

Best answer:

Answer by joe.attaboy
They don’t host anything on wind and solar power. They can’t. Just read the page they post about how wonderful they are…that couldn’t put solar panels or a wind turbine at their site…so they use the regular electrical grid, but they purchase something called a “tag.” Apparently, for each tag they by, some solar or wind generator unit produces power that’s added to the grid.

So, according to this theory, they don’t actually *use* alternative sources of power…they just give money to something else to relieve their guilt. You know, like buying carbon offsets.

Smells like BS to me.

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{article} Need Cheap Reliable Unlimited Top Cpanel Affordable Web Hosting?]

Question by Joann B: Need Cheap Reliable Unlimited Top Cpanel Affordable Web Hosting?
I am looking for cheap, reliable, affordable and unlimited web server hosting service with cPanel. Can anyone recommend me one, please? Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Webmaster
I suggest you this website where you can find a list of the Top 10 Web hosting companies with the best features, support and pricing. You can get everything you need and it’s very easy. For what you are asking, I recommend you the option 1, Hope this could help you.

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Host Unlimited Domains With Cheap Reseller Hosting

The plans are designed for those who are resellers or for those enterprises who needs high performance for their websites. The reseller web hosting package is the most preferred option for resellers and offers you the maximum flexibility to monitor your clients alloted resources and to host multiple domains under one single account. You can all do this using the control panels provided with the respective hosting packages you choose.

The web reseller hosting packages are designed in such a way that it gives you the freedom to upgrade your plan whenever you require. All the profit of your reseller hosting business is all yours. The most important characteristics of a reseller web hosting provider is that they always remain in the background providing your end customers valuable 24 x 7 x 365 support while remaining invisible. The customers will feel that they are working only with you and nobody else is involved in this business.

Using the unique reseller panels you are able to create your own web hosting packages for your clients and decide the cost the way you like. Most of the resources are unlimited excluding diskspace and bandwidth.  You can host your multiple domains under one reseller hosting account. The Quad Core Xeon Processor with 4 GB RAM adds you a great power to enhance your website performance. In case of disasters, the hosting provider always has a mirror copy of your website data. There are two types of Reseller Packages:

Windows Reseller Hosting
Linux Reseller Hosting

The windows reseller provides you a Plesk Reseller Panel to manage all your hosting packages and 24x7x365 customer support to many server side scripts, databases and streaming support.

Whereas, with the Linux Reseller Hosting package a WHM Reseller Panel is offered to mange your hosting packages. It offers support for MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, many server side scripts and streaming support.

The Cheap reseller hosting is an ideal solution for both businesses and individuals, who wants to . Reseller hosting offers you 100% uptime for it’s network services and always ready to provide you constant and uninterrupted customer support round the clock.

Anup M is an independent internet professional, whose job is to provide informative and quality articles about Cheap Reseller Hosting.

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{article} which wud be best and cheap hosting for a social network or high traficc web with unlimited space and bandwit?]

Question by sedha.sadha_shetaan: which wud be best and cheap hosting for a social network or high traficc web with unlimited space and bandwit?
i am bit confused about the web hosting companies reviews could not decide….. need some help wht wud be best for me cause my web is new born and i m having problems like downtime and more

Best answer:

Answer by Blackie C its cheap and fun with high traffic as you need it and unlimited space and Bandwidth guaranteed

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Question by talonsrags: Where can I find cheap web hosting?
I don’t need anything crazy, I need a domain and some good cheap web hosting. My site doesn’t have a lot of stuff to put on it, I guess it will be more of a personal website.

Looked around and there are a bunch. I need some recommendations, maybe some info on the plans 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Capn
I’ve used for a lonnng time without problems. No popups, just a small link to them for free hosting.

I got bored with that though and turned an old PC into a web server and host my own website now. I bought the domain from for about $ 7/year.

If you have the hardware I’d suggest doing the same.

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