{article} is their any cheapest web host but with good features?because i have very low budget to spend?]

Question by : is their any cheapest web host but with good features?because i have very low budget to spend?

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Answer by Ansar
I would recommend Hostgator, Hostgator is Fantastic! They’re dirt Cheap,Unlimited Bandwidth,Unlimited Disk Space,Unlimited Domain and Email and if You Put in the Coupon: FREE994COUPON you’ll get the First Month for $ 0.01 (Or use GATOR25HOST to get 25% Discount)- and the Coupon Still works, I Just signed up with it.


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{article} Free or very cheap reliable web hosting?]

Question by not in kansas anymore: Free or very cheap reliable web hosting?
I have a job interview on Thursday and I want to have my website active online by then.

Does anyone know of free or cheap website hosting? Or at least a good web host that will let you pay for hosting for just one month at a time, rather than prepaying for a couple month’s or year’s worth of hosting?

Thanks for any help.

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Answer by computermaniac78
www.hosttosucceed.com is a very good hosting provider. Only $ 5 a month too! It is everything you will need, and you can pay monthly. Also, they have support that can help you almost anytime of day! Quick e-mail responses (within 5 hours usually) I have never had a problem with them. If you have any other questions, e-mail [email protected] They also have a money back guarantee! And to make it even better, 100% uptime!! Most companies only guarantee 99.9, but Host To Succeed has diesel engine backup generators, so even if the power does go out, it is all backed up!

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