{article} Are there any websites where I can buy a domain and a web host all in one?]

Question by REPUBLICAN AND PROUD – STILL: Are there any websites where I can buy a domain and a web host all in one?
For a relatively cheap price?

Thanks in advance to all who answer my question!

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Answer by M&M
Yes, there are website such as JustHost, WebHostingPad, HostMonster, GoDaddy. They are all affordable and reliable. http://www.webhostinggoodies.com

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Question by xanadu: what is the best website for uploading videos to your web page?
which web hosting site make it the EASIEST for you to upload your videos (from a camcorder, cellphone or youtube) onto your own webpage (whether free or not , but the cheaper, the better) ?

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Answer by JoshJ
Myspace and all the other personels and dating websites…

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Question by : About how much per. hour would it cost me to get a host for a web-cast show?
I am planing to start a web-cast show in the next few months and I will need a cheap but semi-good web-cast host.
I have what I was looking for. Thr rate in Hollywood is $ 12.50 ($ 500 per. week) so I would imagine here in Atlanta it would be cheaper.

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Answer by Patric Farrell
Hey Zhan thanks for your question. I used to be an actor in LA and I was on a bunch of bad shows 5 years ago. For a web cast show the rate is non-sag 300 to 400 dollars a show. If you pay any less than that the host is really and I mean really going to suck. If you are in the LA area or any area go to the best acting schools in the area and recruit students if you do it that way you may be able to get a web host for cheaper!


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