9 Ways to Tell if a New TV Show Is Going To Be Worth Watching

It’s the start of the fall TV season, and this week alone a ton of pilots have aired. You can’t always judge a show by its pilotthey’re usually filmed months before the rest of the show , and terrible pilots lead to great shows and vice versa. So how can you decide which show to invest in? Here are nine signs to look out for.

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{article} Full-fledged web hosting service worth it for a tiny business?]

Question by : Full-fledged web hosting service worth it for a tiny business?
We have a tiny auto parts store (3 full time employees) in a small tourist town. We’re hard to find if you don’t know where to look so we want to start up a simple website with directions and contact information. I’ve been looking around and find relatively cheap hosting services but they seem to do a whole lot more than we would ever need. With prices at something like $ 4.50 is it worth it if most of the features will go unused? It’s not much money but should we try to find a super simple free host just to save that little bit extra?

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Answer by Elaine M
I pay $ 190 a year for my website. There are ‘free’ ones but you end up with other people’s garbage advertised on it, all down the sides and across the top.

It’s worth the money if you get returns on it. People do so many online searches for businesses now you’re missing out if you don’t have something up. Heck, even our ice cream shop has one.

Do a google search on ‘low cost web hosting’, you’ll find things like GoDaddy (they have a good rep) and others.

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Question by Bob N: where can i find free web hosting for joomla?
it has to support all the things you can do with joomla
if theres no free one, whats a very very cheap one?
i tried 000webhost but the joomla you get with them is limited to their templates
its no good at all!
thanks anyway

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Answer by Matt
000webhost, byet, there are loads that have auto installers with Joomla

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Question by : How bad is Host Blast hosting?
What does it take to be considered a bad web host? Poor support due to lack of knowledge? Your site getting deleted? Incorrect name server details supplied? Host Blast is guilty on all counts.
Maybe I should remember that I only get what I pay for. I paid to have a site visible to the world.
If the hosting package is cheap, should I not complain when my site is deleted?
Does cheap hosting imply bad hosting? Or, in my case no hosting as my site is deleted?
I think not.
What do you think?

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Answer by Keith
The are really fine with me. I hope you will can get assistance from their support team. so far I have nothing to complain about them

A good web hosting company with friendly support

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