Vexxhost Web Hosting Declares Its New Cloud Platform

GreatResponder submit that – Vexxhost.Com a web host service provider announces on their own blog that they developed a totally new cloud hosting. The newest platform uses the real clouds (clouds in the sky) to host the cloud servers plus they are using a 16 satellites around the globe to maintain connectivity with the sky clouds system. Additionally they said the idea of this new cloud hosting came whenever they saw a video about how exactly NASA launched a cloud that do rain.

To have the full story of this breaking news, visit Vexxhost.Com blog post at; this will be really a great system if it is not April fools. Lets wait for Vexxhost developers to create us exciting news like this April fools story. Additionally they announce how good this cloud system is, and how redundant it is, the device has CPU, RAM, Disk Space and network redundancy. They declared their system is more advanced and way better than almost all of the cloud systems provided by other providers.

Why Vexxhost.Com
Vexxhost web hosting services allow you to concentrate on the growth of the business with out the stress of looking for ways to scale and upgrade the site as the business expands. The requirements for a Tier 3 data center need us to maintain a high level of redundancy on different facets such as power, cooling and telecommunications. To be able to maintain the Tier 3 compliancy, they also have numerous safety measures in place. With strong focus on security, sophisticated systems with CCTV video surveillance system backed up by over three-hundred cameras, controlled access backed up by proximity access cards and 24×7 on-site security. Plus; Cisco powered network in Vexxhost Montreal data center has one of the most sophisticated network infrastructures capable of handling any sized client. With any of Vexxhost customers’ requirements, the necessary infrastructure to guide the requested Web connection from Vexxhost site. Also; Vexxhost datacenter is among the greenest datacenters in Canada. Vexxhost entire power supply is provided from Hydro-Quebec. Hydro-Quebec is the greatest hydroelectricity producer in North America, with 95 % of its production originating from this alternative energy . Therefore, the environmental impact of electricity utilising at Vexxhost data-centers is minimal. As Hardware; Vexxhost employ Dell for Vexxhost servers hardware due to their outstanding record in reliability and assist in the IT industry.